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Things can get pretty hot and humid without an aircon in Singapore. The last thing you want to worry about is your air con breaking down. Aircon servicing in Singapore can be costly, so it’s important to keep your unit working optimally through regular upkeep. That’s where we come in.

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18 Years of Experience

We are dedicated to delivering excellent service and helping you achieve worry-free indoor comfort. With more than 18 years of experience in the aircon cleaning services industry, our team can handle your every air conditioning service need and solve all your aircon system problems. Our residential and commercial clients rely on us for the most dependable aircon servicing and repair in Singapore.

Top-Notch Aircon Service

Best Choice
Licensed Aircon Company
90 Days Warranty

Our qualified expert technicians guarantee top-notch service, whether it be repairing a broken-down system, aircon servicing, or installing a new cooling system. Our supported aircon brands, including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba, so that you can be confident in our results.

Unexpected air conditioning problems can be frustrating, which is why we go above and beyond to resolve any air con issues promptly, correctly, and completely. Our top priority is to complete the job as efficiently as possible to get you back to air-conditioned normalcy as soon as possible.

Our technicians identify and address minor issues to avoid potentially large and costly repairs and perform maintenance service to ensure your unit works at optimal efficiency. We bring our collective knowledge and vast experience to every job that we do. Our reputation speaks for itself — many homes and business owners trust us for all their cooling needs.      

Recommended. Take longer time to service but happy its being cleaned thoroughly.
Denise Dunigan
Denise Dunigan
03:27 24 Mar 21
Simply one of the best in town! Professional and prompt services. We have booked their services both for residential and corporate spaces. The team, led by Michael, was really warm to deal with, and they tried to be as transparent as possible in guiding us about the repair they were doing. As a repeat client, I cannot recommend them enough. If you want quick response from the team, you can simply contact them through their website. An customer specialist will immediately be in touch with you more
07:31 15 Jul 20
Book an appointment easily via whatsapp and the aircon technicians Brendon assigned arrived on schedule.I also want to say that they provided great service and were really through in explaining my issues. They were also really nice and made sure to clean up after performing their work. Great job guys!read more
Yi Ting Lee
Yi Ting Lee
05:18 24 Nov 20
Great professional services. We've had bad experiences with professional cleaners and aircon specialists before, so we were naturally wary about this at first. Fortunately, after our third try, we found the professional partner for our home (and even our home office). You can readily sense that they have been doing this for years because of their efficient system, from booking to dispatching. Their aircon specialists are also skilled and I heard from one of the specialists that they are required to renew their license annually. Great thanks and great job!read more
Jacqualine Rolle
Jacqualine Rolle
01:51 02 Aug 20
Highly recommended! TQ.
03:11 04 May 21
Thanks for the great job and clean up the mess after servicing. Will use again.
Adam BT
Adam BT
06:05 19 May 21
Looks good to me. Not big surprised but ok.
Tarra Gardener
Tarra Gardener
03:47 26 May 21
Easy to set appointment. The aircon chemical wash did the job to remove all the bad smell. Recommended.
Jimmy Gorrell
Jimmy Gorrell
02:07 28 Jun 21
CoolEarth AC is one of the best companies where you can get the services you need when it comes to aircon servicing, maintenance and repair. They are affordable and provide great customer service too!read more
Marjorie Perrotta
Marjorie Perrotta
02:27 31 Jul 21
On time and responsive by customer service. Helped to arrange same-day service on confirmation.
04:03 26 Jul 21
The technicians at CoolEarth AC really know what they're doing when it comes to aircon repair and service! Their rates are good too which is always a plus!read more
Voncile Yea
Voncile Yea
02:51 31 Jul 21
Just wanted to say a big thank you to the team! I was having some trouble with my aircon and they were able to come and take a look at it very quickly. They were able to repair the leak and get my aircon up and running again in no time! Great service, would definitely more
Collette Goh
Collette Goh
06:23 27 Mar 22
We had lots of problems with our air conditioning unit. It was not cooling the room properly and it was leaking water at some point. Luckily, cool earth came to solve all these problems for us! We are now enjoying cool air inside our home because of their more
Theresa Soh
Theresa Soh
06:23 14 Feb 22
Honest service from the technician Mr Nick. Knowing we spend alot for the servicing previously from another company but still doesn't fix the issue, he suggested a cheaper alternative. Show us the problem, clean it up and our aircon works great ever since. Knowledgeable on LG aircon. Booking was easy , replies through WhatsApp was fast more
Adi Isnin
Adi Isnin
04:40 18 Jan 22
Serviced by Brendon, did for 2 wall mounted unit and helped to check Aircon condition and informed us the prevailing possible issue. We opt for cooling gas top up also, the service was fast and efficient, thumbs up for the more
10:48 05 Oct 21
Got my 3 aircon units serviced (general cleaning, chemical treatment and gas top-up), and work was done well. Brendon was very professional and made sure to explain to me what the condition/issues of the units are before doing any additional more
Nicole Golloso
Nicole Golloso
08:57 06 Aug 22
Very good service, prompt replies and did everything via WhatsApp, including arranging site survey as well as installation + cleaning. Very reasonable prices and service team always arrive early or on time. Installation was faster than expected. Highly more
Chong-U Lim
Chong-U Lim
03:51 28 Apr 22

Our Air con Services

Our friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous technicians are experts in air conditioning services. You can count on us to get your cooling back on when you need it the most. Our wide range of services include:

Normail AC servicing

Aircon Servicing

It’s crucial to take care of your unit, so it works better, lasts longer, and helps you lower your energy costs. Routinely servicing your cooling system ensures an efficient and reliable unit that will serve you all year round for years to come.

AC Troubleshooting & Repair

Aircon Troubleshooting & Repair

Nobody wants their cooling system to conk out in the middle of a hot afternoon. If your AC breaks down, call us today. Since we work with most major brands, you can trust us to complete your aircon troubleshooting professionally.

AC gas top up

Aircon Gas Top Up

If you notice your AC isn’t cooling efficiently, you might need to top up aircon gas. Before refilling your unit with gas, we’ll check the gas level and type, then resupply your unit with the amount of gas needed to ensure it works efficiently.

Cleaning AC with chemical

Aircon Chemical Wash

Ridding your air con of dirt and grime helps to ensure the health of everyone in your home and the long life of your equipment. While regular servicing can contribute to keeping your unit in top condition, some problems require more than routine servicing. In these cases, you may need an aircon chemical wash, which thoroughly cleans and maintains your AC, so it works at peak efficiency.

Disassemble AC for chemical overhaul cleaning

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

An aircon chemical overhaul goes further than a chemical cleaning. During this process, our technician will clean the filter, coils, and water trays. They will also deal with the heat exchanger coils, drainage pipes, and blower wheels. Experts highly recommend this aircon cleaning at least once a year.

Cool earth office

Aircon Servicing Contract

It’s a well-known fact that a regularly serviced air conditioner will have a longer lifespan, better energy efficiency, and improved performance. Our aircon servicing contract gives you peace of mind that your AC unit will perform reliably and efficiently whenever you need it. When your unit requires regular servicing, depend on our experts.

installing air conditioner

Aircon Installation

Our customers rely on us for high-quality air conditioner installation services. Cooling systems come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your budget and preferences, we can help you choose the best type of aircon for your needs. Whether you’re in the market for a new cooling system for your condominium, HDB flats, landed property, or commercial office, we’ve got you covered.

Daikin VRV System

Commercial VRV/VRF Service

Commercial aircon such as Daikin VRV systems are popular for their flexibility and ability to support different kinds of air conditioning units. While these systems are highly reliable, they also need service & repair. When your Daikin VRV System or commercial system needs repair, you can check our commercial aircon servicing.

Replacing AC parts

Parts Replacement

We stock a comprehensive array of AC parts and accessories to restore your cooling system to proper working condition. Whether you need to replace your fan motor or printed circuit board (PCB), contact us.  Read more on AC part replacement.      

Aircon Service Singapore Price

How Much Does Aircon Servicing in Singapore Cost?

Servicing saves you plenty of costs in the long run. Here are our service rates and packages.

Standard Aircon Servicing

1 fan coil = $50
2 fan coils = $55
3 fan coils = $70
4 fan coils = $100
5 fan coils = $100
6 fan coils = $115

Yearly Contract

1 fan coil = N/A
2 fan coils = $200
3 fan coils = $240
4 fan coils = $300
5 fan coils = $360
6 fan coils = $400

Chemical Cleaning & Overhaul

Condenser Unit = $80/unit
1 Fan Coil Without Dismantle = $80 – $100
1 Fan Coil Includes Dismantle = $130 – $180

Aircon Gas Top Up

R22 – $2 per psi
R410 – $4 per psi

Find out more about full aircon service Singapore pricing & promotion

* Only apply for single property only. Sharing is not allowed.

* There may be additional costs for the CBD region.

* Only condominiums and HDB flats qualify for the promotional price. There may be extra costs for landed home properties and business locations.

* Additional costs may be incurred for the job starts after 6 p.m.

Bear in mind that all the work performed comes with a 90-Day Warranty

Air Conditioner PCB and evaporator coil


  • Our lead technician has 18 years of aircon servicing and repair experience.
  • Provide same day or next day emergency & urgent aircon service.
  • 100% fix all your aircon problem.
  • Specialise in troubleshooting aircon water leakage problem.
  • Free follow up air con service within 7 days.
  • Guarantee 90 days workmanship warranty.
  • Provide 100% safe chemical overhaul solution to remove the bacteria inside your aircon units.

Over 18 Years of Experience

At Cool Earth Aircon Services, we want you to stay comfortable and breathe clean air quality all year round. We have over 18 years of experience in the industry and take pride in our reputation for putting client needs first. Our clients rely on us for excellent customer service and quality workmanship.

Fully-Licensed Aircon Service Company

Choosing us as your air conditioning provider, whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, means you will enjoy uninterrupted comfort. As a fully licensed air conditioning company, we don’t employ just any technicians. We hire air conditioning professionals with the right skills, training, and experience to deliver exceptional results every time. Our team stays up to date on the latest technologies, biggest brands, and systems, ensuring we can fix any problem efficiently and correctly.

90-Day Workmanship Guarantee

We know that caring for your property can be stressful, so we want you to feel assured knowing that our team will do the work to the highest standard. That’s why we’re proud to stand behind our work with the 90-day workmanship warranty.

If your service was not done right, we promise to fix it. Contact us within 90 days of service, and we’ll solve the issue. We also guarantee to follow up on any issue within seven days. Our business focuses on the customer’s experience. When you trust us for your cooling needs, we want you to be happy that you did so that you’ll know whom to call the next time you need help.

Aircon Brands Supported by Cool Earth

Aircon brands supported by us

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Aircon Servicing Guide

Why Do I Need to Service My Aircon?

If you want to keep your cooling system in top condition during the hot season and for years to come, it’s important to make aircon service a priority. You can’t ignore your cooling system and expect it to work efficiently. An aircon that’s working properly consumes less energy and works for longer.

Technician cleaning AC pipe

A well-maintained system will also keep customers and employees comfortable, promoting a productive and efficient working environment. We use quality service inspections to get ahead of any bigger issues with your cooling system’s safety or operation. Our technicians use their findings to recommend additional services and to help you budget and plan for future upgrades or updates.

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When you schedule an air conditioning servicing appointment, we provide a complete AC inspection and thorough cleaning. We’ll conduct a safety check and adjust the applicable controls to ensure your cooling system functions reliably and safely all season long. Contact our team for the best aircon servicing Singapore has to offer.

Overall, it’s essential to service your cooling system so it can:

  • Keep the air you breathe clean
  • Run safely and efficiently
  • Last longer

What Does Aircon Servicing Include?

Technician checking AC

We’ve mentioned that servicing your AC is essential to the life of your unit. Of course, the quality of your service check will depend on the technicians that perform the service. During a servicing appointment, your Earth Cool Aircon Service technician will:

  • Inspect and maintain the system components — Clean coils, the condensate drain, and blower components; lubricate moving parts (motors and bearings) and adjust the system as needed; check electrical components and connections.
  • Identify and resolve ductwork leaks — Prevent the loss of wasted energy or conditioned air and an uncomfortable indoor environment.
  • Perform a diagnostic check — Ensure the safe, proper function of the thermostat and the system. A diagnostic check ensures proper cycling and safe operation. It’s crucial to check if your system starts, operates, and shuts off properly.
  • Check refrigerant levels and recharge if necessary — Prevent damage to the compressor and keep the system working efficiently.
  • Change or clean the air filter — Confirm that you have a clean and working air filter that’s suitable for your system. Although you can change or clean the air filter yourself, our technicians may point out a better filtration system or filter that you should consider.

Learn more about what AC servicing included here.

Can I Service My Own Aircon?

Lady DIY cleaning AC

Like most things, doing aircon servicing yourself comes with its perks and disadvantages. Many property owners worry about the cost of servicing their equipment. Being able to save some cash through servicing your unit yourself may be a motivation to go the DIY route.

The most critical factor to consider, however, is that if you’re not careful, you may end up with bigger expenses from damaging vital components of your AC system. Some of the air con servicing tasks that you can handle yourself include:

  • Cleaning or changing your air filter
  • Vacuuming the fan
  • Regularly cleaning the exterior components and vents of your aircon unit

Other aircon servicing tasks are better left to trained professionals. If you’re in Singapore, don’t hesitate to contact us for the most reliable Aircon Servicing.

The Benefits of Using Professional Aircon Service Companies

Technician vacuum aircon evaporator-assembly

Your air-con is a significant investment in your comfort. You might be tempted to hire an amateur for what seems like a simple and effortless job, but aircon problems can be more complicated than they seem. Some of the reasons you should stick to a professional when you need air conditioning service include:

Experience and Knowledge

A professional comes with plenty of experience, tools and knowledge regarding different air conditioning unit and how to install, repair, and service them.


No contractor can guarantee perfect results 100% of the time. When a professional makes a mistake, they’re prepared to go above and beyond to make things right with no hassle or fuss.


Because professionals master their craft, they can get the job done faster than otherwise possible. Their experience and expertise enable them to handle AC problems in the most efficient manner.


When you hire a professional to fix, replace, or service your equipment, you can sit back and relax, knowing someone who knows what they’re doing is getting the job done right.

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Common Aircon Problems

Aircon electrical problems showing PCB Board

It’s always a good idea to be aware of some of the most common aircon problems that can arise. Identifying the potential root cause of the problem base on the light blinking error code and communicating any findings to your contractor goes a long way. This can help the technician repair your unit quickly and address any problems as soon as possible.

Thermostat Problems

Did you know that your thermostat could be incorrectly programmed or calibrated? If so, it will not give the aircon the right instructions. The problem is fairly easy to fix by recalibrating or replacing your thermostat. Check the manual or instructions to make sure your thermostat’s settings are correct.

Why Is My Aircon Not Cold?

Common reasons your aircon blows warm air include:

  • Power issues
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Dirty compressor
  • Ice build-up
  • Thermostat issues
  • Clogged filter
  • Clogged drain
  • Condensate airflow switch issues

Depending on your system’s age and the level of work involved, consider updating your air conditioner unit. By hiring a professional technician to perform servicing checks and stay on top of aircon maintenance issues, you can avoid potential air con unit not cold problems.

Why Is My Aircon Leaking?

Your aircon could be leaking water inside your premises for various reasons, such as:

  • A clogged condensate drain line
  • A disconnected drainage pipe
  • A rusted or clogged drain pan rusted
  • A clogged air filter
  • A frozen evaporator coil
  • Damaged or dirty coils
  • A malfunctioning condensate pump

Frequent Cycling

If your system goes on and off frequently, it could be a symptom of a blocked condenser or dirty evaporator. It could also indicate that your aircon is too large for your property.

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It’s always easier to prevent aircon issues than to solve them. Always checking on your system to know how it’s doing can save you plenty of time and money. If you’re having air conditioner problems such as gas leaking and need expert help, contact us right away. We are your trusted source for the most reliable aircon servicing Singapore has to offer.

Urgent Aircon Servicing Singapore

Are you looking for a reliable air conditioning company in Singapore? Trust the experts at Cool Earth Aircon Services. We are here to help you with all your air conditioning system needs, from air conditioning repair, and service to installation. Dial 9427 3833 today to schedule an appointment.

Our servicing areas include Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Bukit Batok, Jurong West, hougang, Sengkang, Pasir Ris, Punggol, Toa Payoh, Tampines, Woodlands, Yishun.

The Aircon Usage in Singapore

Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate, which means that it is hot and humid all year round. The average temperature is 23 to 32 degrees Celsius, and there is minimal variation between seasons. Due to the hot and humid climate, aircon usage in Singapore has been on the rise in recent years.

Secondly, the population density in Singapore is one of the highest in the world, at over 7,000 people per square kilometer. This means that many people live close to each other, which can make it very uncomfortable in the heat and humidity.

Lastly, Singapore is a very urbanized city with little green space. This also contributes to the feeling of being trapped in the heat, as there are few places to escape to. As the demand for aircon usage grows, so does the need for aircon servicing. Aircon servicing is important to maintain your air conditioner’s efficiency and prevent it from breaking down. A good aircon service provider will be able to clean your air conditioner, check for leaks, and fix any problems they find.

How to Locate Us

Driving Direction from the National Museum of Singapore

From the National Museum of Singapore at 93 Stamford Rd, take KPE towards Bras Basah Rd and Nicoll Hwy.

After 7 minutes (4.2 km), take PIE towards Tampines South Flyover. Take exit 4A from PIE; you will see Changi General Hospital.

After 9 minutes (10.1 km), take Simei Ave and Simei St 3 towards Simei Street 1. You will reach Cool Earth Aircon Services in 3 minutes (1.1 km).

Driving Direction from Seletar Airport

From Seletar Airport at 21 Seletar Aerospace Rd 1, Singapore 797405, follow the Seletar Aerospace Dr and take TPE towards Tampines Ave 7.

After passing Sengkang Riverside Park, stay on Tampines Ave 7 and take the Loyang Avenue exit from TPE.

Drive for 8 minutes and turn left onto Simei Street 1. Cool Earth Aircon Services will be on your right at Block 108. The estimated driving time is about 26 minutes.

FAQs about Aircon Servicing

What is normal aircon servicing?

Check the drainage tray and clean it. Do not forget to vacuum the drainage system. After that, check the fan bearing and lubricate it if it is dry. Check the compressor suction before discharging pressure.

To make sure that your aircon is properly serviced, all parts must be checked and cleaned including the air filter, drainage tray, blower wheels, condensation tray, panel, evaporator coil as well as blower fan.

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What Are The Risks Of Not Servicing Your AC?

The reason why you should service your aircon regularly is to prevent dust and dirt from building up and eventually block the filters. When debris are deposited in the filters, they stop working efficiently and end up using a lot of power. Therefore, to avoid such issues, it is vital that you service your AC as required – if you do this, you can be sure that your AC will serve you for an extended period.

What Happens During Aircon Servicing?

  • The AC cooling unit is Deodorised
  • Mechanical parts are Lubricated
  • The drainage tray and indoor evaporator coil are checked and cleaned.
  • The drainage system is vacuumed.
  • Pressure is discharged from the compressor suction after checking.
  • Regulate compressor suction before discharging pressure.

Is AC servicing required every year?

You should service your AC every year if you want it to serve you for longer. If you fail to clean your AC as recommended, your AC will encounter all the issues mentioned above. Moreover, you will not only prevent these issues but save money as well since all the AC’s parts will be in good condition.

How often To Service Aircon?

Based on the EPA’s Energy Star guidelines, it is generally recommended that you service your air conditioner at least once a year. This includes checking for refrigerant leaks and making sure the cut-in and cut-out pressures are set correctly.  

What Happens When You Remove The Filter And Run The AC?

Removing the filter will not stop the AC from running, but the entire system will be exposed to debris and dirt. This dirt and debris will end up damaging the HVAC system.

Furthermore, the condensation drain cannot work without the filter, and as a result, moisture will not be drained from the unit leading to condensation accumulation on the AC’s Freon tubing.

Should I Hire A Professional For AC Servicing?

Besides making sure that you service your AC at least once a year, it is also recommended that you hire an expert to do the job for you.

Professional AC servicing involves testing the thermostat, checking the gas levels of the refrigerant, and ensuring that the rest of the parts are in good condition. This is not an easy task, that is why you should hire an experienced person.

How often should AC evaporator coils be cleaned?

In general, evaporator coils should be cleaned every 6 to 12 months. This will help prevent the build-up of dirt and dust, which can reduce the system’s efficiency and cause it to work harder than necessary. Find out more here.

Is it necessary to clean AC outdoor unit?

Yes, it is necessary to clean your AC outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is exposed to all the elements, which can get quite dirty. A build-up of dirt and debris can cause the unit to work less efficiently and lead to expensive repairs. For these reasons, cleaning your AC outdoor unit regularly is essential.

Why Does My AC Not Work Even After Being Serviced?

Is your air conditioner not working like it should even after being serviced? There can be a number of reasons why. One thing is for certain: you must have hired the services of an experienced, knowledgeable technician if you want to make sure that there are no major issues with any part of your system or its installation.

Find out more FAQs here.

If you are looking to learn how to service your air conditioner, check out our course here.

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