Is your aircon not cooling enough?

We know how you feel especially the hot and humid weather in Singapore. Things get tricky when the weather becomes very hot. Things can get unbearable indoor if the aircon is not cold.

From our vast experience, the main reason is usually caused by lack of aircon maintenance.

In this article, we explain the common reasons that make your aircon not cold.

  • AC Filter Is Dirty
  • Faulty Compressor
  • Aircon Coolant Is Leaking
  • Dirty Or Leaky Evaporator Coils
  • Thermostat Is Faulty

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Below are some of the possible reason why.

1. Your AC Filter Is Dirty and Blocking the Air Flow

A dirty air filter makes the AC work overtime with irregular air management being the first thing that goes wrong. A clean and well-maintained filter will allow cool air to flow into the house.

The dust that accumulates around it cause it to slightly heat up and this affects the proper flow of cold air. Also, the dirt means the unit is supplying polluted air.

A quick check of the air filters every month to ensure it is clean and working properly can help correct the problem.

2. Issues With The Faulty Compressor – Not Blowing Cold Air

The compressor is a vital component in any aircon.

Its primary function is to cool air before pumping out into the room. If the compressor has problems, its function is hampered.

Issues related to the AC not providing cold air may stem from the compressor being blocked, and this means the flow of cooled air is not possible. The blockage could be caused by dust, dirt and tiny debris which is a rare thing and should be corrected by a skilled technician.

Dirt or debris may not block the compressor, and it still fails to work as it should.

In most cases, it could be frozen causing the entire air conditioning system not to work properly.

Ideally, the compressor is meant to condense air so that it is cool or cold before pumping it into the room.

It runs and a freezing temperature and can at times freeze over due to various issues that may include being blocked by dirt and debris.

Have the compressor checked, defrosted, and repaired so that is can cool the air.

4. The Aircon Coolant Is Leaking

The compressor pumps a special fluid called a coolant or refrigerant which the AC cannot do without if it is to cool the air.

The principles of how the compressor works inside the AC unity are the same as those of how it works inside a fridge whereby the fluid is pumped and recycled as it runs through evaporator coils to cool the air.

If the refrigerant is leaking, then there will not be an adequate amount in your aircon for the unit to work correctly and generate cold air. Having the coolant refilled and any leaks repairs will solve the problem.

5. Dirty Or Leaky Evaporator Coils Within Your Air Conditioning

The evaporator is a series of coils through which the refrigerant circulates to cool air.

It is a vital component in the AC that is responsible for the cold air you want the unit to produce. It will not work as it should if it is dirty.

At times, it may leak, and this may also affect its efficiency.

Cleaning it and ensuring that it is not leaking the coolant can be all that is required to have the air conditioning system producing cold air.

6. The AC Thermostat Is Faulty

At times, the air conditioning system may run when switched on yet fail to generate cold air.

The necessary components that are tasked with cooling air may be in good working condition, but nothing is happening.

The problem, during such circumstances, could be with the thermostat which could be broken or acting up.

It may not be reading the set temperature readings thus failing to trigger the entire AC system to generate cold air. The remedy for this problem is to change the thermostat.

Additional Issue Of Concern Why Aircon Not Cooling

It is possible that your aircon keeps breaking down, which could be due to one of two things.

Either you are using an old unit with worn out parts or the air conditioning system is not the right size for your home. The aircon will not be able to produce enough cold air for your home if it is too small a unit.

Ensure that you have the right size so that it does not have to work so hard to deliver the preferred room temperature conditions.

For the above information, it is clear that the aircon not generating cold air or working correctly is due to poor maintenance.

It is important to have the air conditioning system serviced at least once a year with minor maintenance checks done after every one or two months.

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