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18 Years of aircon service experience

Welcome to Cool Earth Aircon Services, where we champion outstanding air conditioning services across Singapore. Founded by industry expert Brian and driven by a team passionate about quality, our mission is clear: to deliver superior air conditioning solutions with exceptional customer service. Whether you need routine maintenance or complex installations, your comfort is our priority.

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Expert Technician

Putting up outlet part after cleaning
Recommended. Take longer time to service but happy its being cleaned thoroughly.
Denise Dunigan
Denise Dunigan
03:27 24 Mar 21
Simply one of the best in town! Professional and prompt services. We have booked their services both for residential and corporate spaces. The team, led by Michael, was really warm to deal with, and they tried to be as transparent as possible in guiding us about the repair they were doing. As a repeat client, I cannot recommend them enough. If you want quick response from the team, you can simply contact them through their website. An customer specialist will immediately be in touch with you there.read more
07:31 15 Jul 20
Book an appointment easily via whatsapp and the aircon technicians Brendon assigned arrived on schedule.I also want to say that they provided great service and were really through in explaining my issues. They were also really nice and made sure to clean up after performing their work. Great job guys!read more
Yi Ting Lee
Yi Ting Lee
05:18 24 Nov 20
Great professional services. We've had bad experiences with professional cleaners and aircon specialists before, so we were naturally wary about this at first. Fortunately, after our third try, we found the professional partner for our home (and even our home office). You can readily sense that they have been doing this for years because of their efficient system, from booking to dispatching. Their aircon specialists are also skilled and I heard from one of the specialists that they are required to renew their license annually. Great thanks and great job!read more
Jacqualine Rolle
Jacqualine Rolle
01:51 02 Aug 20
Highly recommended! TQ.
03:11 04 May 21
Thanks for the great job and clean up the mess after servicing. Will use again.
Adam BT
Adam BT
06:05 19 May 21
Looks good to me. Not big surprised but ok.
Tarra Gardener
Tarra Gardener
03:47 26 May 21
Easy to set appointment. The aircon chemical wash did the job to remove all the bad smell. Recommended.
Jimmy Gorrell
Jimmy Gorrell
02:07 28 Jun 21
CoolEarth AC is one of the best companies where you can get the services you need when it comes to aircon servicing, maintenance and repair. They are affordable and provide great customer service too!read more
Marjorie Perrotta
Marjorie Perrotta
02:27 31 Jul 21
On time and responsive by customer service. Helped to arrange same-day service on confirmation.
04:03 26 Jul 21
The technicians at CoolEarth AC really know what they're doing when it comes to aircon repair and service! Their rates are good too which is always a plus!read more
Voncile Yea
Voncile Yea
02:51 31 Jul 21
Just wanted to say a big thank you to the team! I was having some trouble with my aircon and they were able to come and take a look at it very quickly. They were able to repair the leak and get my aircon up and running again in no time! Great service, would definitely recommend.read more
Collette Goh
Collette Goh
06:23 27 Mar 22
We had lots of problems with our air conditioning unit. It was not cooling the room properly and it was leaking water at some point. Luckily, cool earth came to solve all these problems for us! We are now enjoying cool air inside our home because of their service...read more
Theresa Soh
Theresa Soh
06:23 14 Feb 22
Honest service from the technician Mr Nick. Knowing we spend alot for the servicing previously from another company but still doesn't fix the issue, he suggested a cheaper alternative. Show us the problem, clean it up and our aircon works great ever since. Knowledgeable on LG aircon. Booking was easy , replies through WhatsApp was fast too.read more
Adi Isnin
Adi Isnin
04:40 18 Jan 22
Serviced by Brendon, did for 2 wall mounted unit and helped to check Aircon condition and informed us the prevailing possible issue. We opt for cooling gas top up also, the service was fast and efficient, thumbs up for the service.read more
10:48 05 Oct 21
Got my 3 aircon units serviced (general cleaning, chemical treatment and gas top-up), and work was done well. Brendon was very professional and made sure to explain to me what the condition/issues of the units are before doing any additional work.read more
Nicole Golloso
Nicole Golloso
08:57 06 Aug 22
Very good service, prompt replies and did everything via WhatsApp, including arranging site survey as well as installation + cleaning. Very reasonable prices and service team always arrive early or on time. Installation was faster than expected. Highly recommend.read more
Chong-U Lim
Chong-U Lim
03:51 28 Apr 22

Our Story

Cool Earth Aircon Services began with our founder Brian’s 18 years of industry experience. We have grown swiftly, dedicated to top-notch service and client satisfaction. Our skilled team of eight technicians now services over 380 units monthly, showcasing our capability to handle any challenge.

Our journey includes significant achievements: expanding our services to urgent repairs and innovative system installations for Singapore’s tropical climate, and influencing our industry through sustainability and advanced air conditioning technology workshops. Each step reinforced our reputation as trusted experts committed to business success, community well-being, and environmental responsibility.

Cool Earth Aircon Services continues to evolve with a forward-thinking approach, anticipating new trends and customer needs, ensuring every project exceeds expectations.

Meet the Team

At Cool Earth Aircon Services, our team forms the backbone of our operations. Each member brings unique skills and a shared dedication to excellence, ensuring the best air conditioning solutions for every client.

Brian, our founder and leader, has 18 years in the air conditioning industry. His vision and knowledge drive our high standards and innovative approaches. Under his guidance, we have grown exponentially and continue to lead in service quality.

Mark, our installation specialist, excels in implementing complex air conditioning systems for Singapore’s tropical climate. His technical proficiency ensures efficient and sustainable installations.

Jenny, our customer relations manager, maintains clear communication and high satisfaction levels among our clients. She embodies our values of transparency and hospitality.

Tom leads our innovation unit. He integrates advanced technologies into our services, significantly enhancing system performance. Tom’s work supports business growth and contributes to industry advancements through workshops on sustainable practices.

Our Values and Philosophy

At Cool Earth Aircon Services, we commit to principles shaping every aspect of our operations: Quality Service, Hospitality, Efficiency, Transparency, Innovation, Sustainability, Community Involvement.

We deliver unmatched service quality; each technician’s work reflects meticulous attention to detail and swift execution, defining us as leaders in the sector.

Hospitality informs our client interactions, ensuring an accommodating and thoughtful approach at all times. Efficiency helps us reduce downtime for businesses and discomfort for residential clients by providing rapid response services without compromising outcomes.

Transparency fosters trust; we ensure all dealings are straightforward, explaining procedures clearly and billing without hidden charges so customers feel secure. Innovation drives us forward; adopting new technologies keeps us ahead as reliable providers while improving air con performance enduringly.

Sustainability is a priority; we actively pursue eco-friendly options benefiting both clients and the environment. Community involvement defines part of who we are; giving back through local initiatives aligns with creating healthier living settings where we operate.

Our Impact and Achievements

Cool Earth Aircon Services has made substantial contributions to the air conditioning industry and our local communities through dedication and hard work. Our team has serviced more than 4,560 units, improving comfort in homes and efficiency in businesses across Singapore.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our engagement with industry forums where we share insights on eco-friendly practices, contributing to reducing environmental impact on a larger scale.

We foster community well-being by conducting air conditioning workshops that empower residents with knowledge to maintain optimal home environments, demonstrating our investment in public education and environmental stewardship.

Achievements include recognition from numerous satisfied clients and reputable companies as their go-to service provider for reliable air conditioning solutions. This trust is bolstered by consistent positive feedback and an expanding portfolio of successful projects.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Cool Earth Aircon Services means opting for reliability, expertise, and comprehensive care. Here’s why you should trust us with your air conditioning needs:

  • Expertise: With 18 years of experience led by our founder Brian, we provide unmatched technical knowledge in every project.
  • Efficiency: We ensure minimal downtime by swiftly responding to service requests and completing tasks without delay.
  • Quality Service: Quality stands at the forefront of what we do; each serviced unit reflects our high standards.
  • Client Satisfaction: We exceed client expectations with every job based on feedback from over 380 monthly services.
  • Innovative Solutions: We continuously integrate the latest technologies suited for Singapore’s climate into our offerings.

Clients rely on us because they value both the outcome of their services and their entire experience with us—from initial contact through completion—characterized by transparency, professionalism, and courtesy. This approach has established us as leaders within the local market and broader air conditioning industry.

Our Responsibility

We are committed to ethical practices and support for our community and environment. Our responsibilities extend beyond business transactions to making a positive impact where we work and live.

  • Ethical Practices: Integrity guides every service we provide. We ensure transparency in all interactions, from clear communications about services to honest billing without hidden costs.
  • Community Support: Engaging with local communities is crucial for us. We actively participate in educational workshops, sharing knowledge on sustainable air conditioning practices.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Prioritizing eco-friendly solutions, our operations aim to minimize environmental footprints by implementing energy-efficient technologies and reducing waste during installations and repairs.

These practices reflect our dedication to providing excellent air conditioning services and being a responsible corporate citizen contributing positively towards societal well-being.

Engage With Us

Join the conversation with Cool Earth Aircon Services! Connect with us through various platforms:

  • Social Media: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for updates on projects, AC maintenance tips, and insights into sustainability in air conditioning.
  • Forums and Workshops: Participate in our industry forums or attend our public workshops focused on sustainable air conditioning—great opportunities for learning and discussion.
  • Newsletters: Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for the latest news, special offers, and expert advice directly in your inbox.

Questions or need service? Call us or visit our website’s contact page; we offer quick responses.

Your engagement helps us improve while fostering a closer community of informed clients who value quality service and responsible practices.

Range of Aircon Services

At Cool Earth, we believe in protecting Mother Earth through our work. This is why we provide our clients with professional tips and guidelines on environment-friendly ventilation practices and caring for their AC units to reduce energy consumption. These small steps, through every home and office we help, will hopefully contribute to a sustainable planet.

Aircon chemical washaircon leakingaircon not cold, troubleshooting,  and installation Needs? We made it easy for you.

For utmost convenience, you simply give us a call, with details of your concerns and exact location, our team will right ready to serve you the soonest time possible.