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Essential Guide to Aircon Blower Fan & Maintenance Tips

The best way to maintain your air conditioner is by making sure that the blower fan is clean. This will ensure that your AC unit runs at its optimal efficiency level and won’t need a costly repair in the near future. The following guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to clean your blower fan properly.

Blowers are often clogged with pet hair, dirt and debris from outside. These particles can cause an unpleasant odour and reduce airflow, leading to higher energy bills for homeowners. Cleaning out these filters regularly ensures that AC units continue to cool down rooms efficiently throughout the summer months without costing them more money than they would like in utility bills or, even worse: costly repairs!

What is an AC blower fan?

One of the key components of an air conditioning system is the air conditioner fan or blower. The air conditioner fan produces air movement around the area that is being cooled/conditioned. This brings about a cooling effect and fresh air in our homes and places of work.

The common types of fan used in the AC equipment are:

  1. The tube-axial fan.
  2. Vane-axial.
  3. Centrifugal fan.
  4. The propeller fan.

The fan is located inside the air conditioner for safety purposes. This prevents people from coming into contact with it damaging it. It also prevents bacteria and fungi from setting up at the fan, causing a blockage.

The Working Principle of A Blower Wheel.

One of the components of the blower motor is the blower wheel. Its purpose is to pass large volumes of fresh air through the duct system.

It helps move air across the coolant tubes at a faster rate hence quickening the cooling process. Warm air from the conditioner is directed outside.

Dirt and grease in the blower slow down the rotation of the blower wheel drastically. The result is a reduced amount of air blown by the motor in the room.

How To Clean An Air Conditioner Blower Fan

  1. Access the washable filters by flipping the aircon cover. You can clean the washable filters using clean water, soap and a neat cleaning pad.
  2. To access the impeller, you will have to remove the air vanes and the flap.
  3. Use a half-inch paintbrush to wipe away dirt or dust accumulated at the impeller. Thoroughly clean the impeller to ensure no dust is left behind.
  4. Clean additional debris and dirt using a slightly damp rag. Get another clean and dry rag and use it to wipe away the whole impeller surface until it is sparkling clean.
  5. Turning on the aircon unit will help get the remaining debris out. A handy sweeper or vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the debris during cleaning.

How Often Should A Blower Be Cleaned?

The blower wheel, as well as the ductwork, should be cleaned at least once annually. The air around your home affects your health. The duct system, grills, ductwork, and blower motor should be sanitized after cleaning.

How much does it cost to have a blower wheel cleaned?

It costs around $80 to chemically clean and sanitizes a blower fan. The cost also covers wiping the blower fun and dusting its propeller. A deeper cleaning solution is often required due to the blower fan location.

To clean the blower fan and dismantle the whole unit, you will require an aircon chemical overhaul solution. It cleans and sanitizes all surfaces. The washing detergent has a refreshing smell that leaves the air conditioner smelling nice.


The article discussed how an AC blower fan works and maintenance tips. If you need any help with this, please contact us. We are ready to assist anytime!

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