Essential Guide to Aircon Insulation

If you’ve ever wondered what aircon insulation is and how it works, we have the answers for you. We also offer a guide on which AC line needs to be insulated in your home or office building.  

What is aircon insulation?

The typical aircon insulator is made up of wide black foam wires that protect the copper pipes of an aircon unit. There are two main insulation types, and they are Class 1 and Class 0. If an inferior quality is used, then this may result in leakages since the condensation rate would be higher. The wires work like a large sponge which takes up the condensed water that forms on the copper piping. This helps to protect the pipes and lower the chances of dripping and water leakages.

The Purpose of Aircon Insulation

There are two main functions of placing aircon insulation on the copper pipe, and they are:

  1. To protect the copper pipe
  2. To absorb the condensed water from the piping. When you put the air conditioner on, the compressor will start working to change the gas to a liquid, making the pipe get cold and creating condensation. This is easy to understand if you visualize how water condensates on the exterior of a cup that contains a cold liquid such as water, beer etc.

Type of Aircon Insulation

There are two popular types of insulation used for air conditioners, and they are sheet and tube. These are both made out of foam, and they give optimum thermal conductivity. They are resistant to heat too.

Tube Insulation

The tube insulation is typically used for insulating duct systems and air condition pipes. The tubes are typically made in a couple of different sizes to work with various sized holes and wall densities. So, if you’re interested in using this particular type of material, then you should ensure that you select the correct copper or steel tube density.

Sheet Insulation

The next type is sheet insulation, and this is typically used for windows. It is used to block any gaps to ensure that air doesn’t escape from a closed room or space. These are also highly customizable, and you can get them in various sizes, thicknesses and even shapes. So, you’ll be able to find any size to fit any size opening or crevice. They can also be used to reduce the noise or vibration caused by air condition units.

So, the two main types of air condition insulation that you can choose from are sheet and tube aircon insulation. They are both made up of foam which helps to improve resistance to thermal conductivity and heat.

Aircon Insulation Material

The materials that are used for aircon insulation include:

  • Foam rubber
  • Fibreglass
  • Polyethylene foam

There are many advantages of foam pipe insulation, and one of the main ones include how simple it is to cut. The lengths are also simple to install due to the fact that they have a split along the length, and they are easily sealed due to sticky edges.

The bond formed would also be quite tight after the protective backing is taken off. Additionally, this foam is quite affordable, and it is easy to buy more than needed.

Which Particular AC Line Needs Insulation?

In most home air condition units, there are 2 copper lines on the exterior of the home connected to the condenser. The cold copper pipe needs to be insulated, and this is also known as the suction pipe, which is usually larger.

It isn’t necessary to insulate the smaller copper pipe as this pipe contains liquid, and it needs to get rid of heat. This will enable the air condition system to fulfil its function of cooling the interior of the home or room.

How to Replace AC Pipe Insulation


In this article, we looked at the ins and outs of aircon insulation. We hope to have given you a good idea about what an aircon is, how it can be insulated for better performance and some helpful tips on which AC line should be insulated.  

If you’re looking for some help with your air conditioning insulation, we can provide it. We have an expert team of professional contractors who specialize in AC line insulation and other related services.  

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