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5 Common Reasons Why Is Aircon Light Blinking

Aircons are complicated pieces of electrical equipment that the local environment can impact. For instance, an accumulation of dirt and dust on the external grille can impact the overall aircon performance. Typically, an aircon light blinking represents a symptom of aircon repair while it happens since the machine has likely detected that an internal error is present. Many aircon brands come with devices that have an aircon light blinking as a way to let you know the aircon has an internal error needing repair.

The following are 5 common reasons that might make your aircon light blink:

1. Substandard Air Circulation

If your aircon can’t circulate air properly, then you might experience an issue of the aircon not being cold. This might be an issue with the aircon’s drive motor or the actual aircon unit having been placed wrong. See what error code your aircon unit is displaying and then check it out with the user manual.

2. Leaking Refrigerant:

Refrigerant gas is a crucial component for any aircon, since it is what keeps the unit functioning efficiently and optimally. If an aircon unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant, then condensation might happen. That can result in the condenser freezing, which eventually results in the aircon leaking. A lack of refrigerant leak might result in compressor unit damage, so you might hear a hissing sound.

3. Air Filters That Are Clogged:

When the aircon filters are clogged, then the evaporator unit can work in a smooth fashion, blowing lots of strong, clean air. If an aircon unit is lacking in maintenance, then dust accumulates. This will make aircon filters susceptible to clogging, possibly resulting in aircon odour. If you want to prevent airflow from being blocked in your evaporator coil, then you need to be sure that the aircon filters get cleaned every three months at a minimum. Neglecting your evaporator coils can mean they’ll freeze, which can result in water leaks whenever the coil melts.

4. Evaporator Coils That Can Freeze:

When this alarm happens, you should give the situation immediate attention, since it might lead to an emergency where the aircon leaks water. Frozen evaporator coils might also happen because of issues inside the ducts.

If you want so see whether or not evaporator fan coils are frozen, then open your unit’s front panel to see if there is a layer of ice that has formed on them.

5. Substandard Maintenance:

When an aircon unit isn’t routinely maintained, then the aircon unit might face issues and even malfunction. As such, it’s crucial that you check it out regularly to keep up with the maintenance. Routine aircon maintenance can assure you of a unit that is constantly clean and provides you with cool air. There will be times that the flashing light indicates your aircon unit needs servicing. In the event of clogged air filters, you can try troubleshooting. Of course, reaching out to an aircon servicing provider is always an option.

How to solve Panasonic Aircon Timer Blinking Problem?

Why Do I See Blinking On My Daikin Aircon?

One reason why your home’s aircon might start flashing its green light is that the outside unit has something wrong with it. If something is stuck inside the fan that keeps it from properly spinning, then it will start going into fault mode. Daikin units are actually pretty smart, as they have a self-diagnostic function letting users know what is causing specific issues. This doesn’t prove perfectly accurate all of the time, but it does help users and owners have good indications of issues impacting the unit.

Why Does My Mitsubishi Aircon Blink?

If the clasp is slightly jarred or just loose, then it can provoke an automatic unit response, usually specifically two continuously blinking lights near the bottom right. Mitsubishi uses this safety feature on all of the Starmex aircon units.


When you need help with your air conditioning unit, it is important to call the experts. The five common reasons why an AC light may be blinking are all related to issues that can be fixed by a professional, and we want to make sure that your home or office stays cool when you need it most!

Whether one of these problems has been affecting your system or not, please give us a call today if you need any assistance. We will come out as soon as possible so that none of these issues become too much for your family or employees to handle on their own.


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