Frustrated because your aircon isn’t cold enough? You’re not alone. Many in Singapore face this issue, especially during the relentless heat. The key to solving this puzzle lies in understanding the common reasons behind an aircon’s inability to provide cool air.

With my 18 years of experience in the industry at Cool Earth Aircon Services, I’ll guide you through eight critical factors that could be affecting your unit.

From blocked filters to low refrigerant levels, each reason plays a significant role in how effectively your air conditioner operates. Armed with knowledge and backed by a team capable of servicing over 380 units monthly, we’ve seen it all—and fixed it.

Ready to find out why and get back your cool comfort?

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Key Takeaways

  • Dirty or blocked air filters can stop your aircon from cooling properly. Clean them every month to keep your AC running well.
  • If your air conditioner has low refrigerant levels, it might leak and not cool the air. Call a professional to fix the leak.
  • A broken compressor means your AC can’t pump cool air into your room. This needs checking by experts right away.
  • Leaks or blockages in ducts let cold air escape before it reaches you. Get these fixed to improve airflow and cooling.
  • Cleaning dirty condenser coils on the outside unit helps release heat more efficiently, making your room cooler.

Dirty or Blocked Air Filters

Dirty air filters and neglected air conditioning unit shown in close-up.

Your aircon not cooling could be due to dirty or blocked air filters. These filters catch dust and debris, ensuring clean air flows through your air conditioning unit. But, they can clog over time.

This stops the cool air from getting out. Our team at Cool Earth Aircon Services sees this often in homes across Singapore.

We suggest you check and clean these filters every month. A simple task like this helps keep your AC blowing cold air efficiently. In our 18 years of fixing AC units, we’ve found that regular cleaning boosts airflow and performance significantly.

So, a quick look at your filters might just solve your problem with no need for further repair.

Thermostat Issues

Thermostat issues can stop your air conditioner from cooling properly. If the thermostat is faulty, it won’t regulate temperature well. Make sure to set it at the desired temperature.

Sometimes, using the ‘AUTO’ setting helps avoid problems like erratic cool air flow. A wrong fan setting on the thermostat could also cause trouble. To fix this issue, Cool Earth Aircon Services suggests checking if your thermostat works well and adjusting settings when needed.

This simple step can make a big difference in how cold your aircon gets.

If you see no improvement, your thermostat might need a repair or replacement. Professionals from Cool Earth Aircon Services are always ready to help diagnose and solve any aircon problem you face, ensuring that cool air flows steadily again in your space.

Low Refrigerant Levels

A leaking air conditioning unit with a person standing nearby.

Low refrigerant levels mean your aircon will not cool the air. This happens due to leaks in the system. You might hear hissing or bubbling sounds. Sometimes, ice forms on the refrigerant line, or you notice cooling is not even throughout your room.

These signs show there’s a leak. If you spot any of these signs, it’s clear—your aircon needs help from a pro.

Call Cool Earth Aircon Services straight away if you suspect a leak. Their experts fix this problem all the time and can get your aircon back to blowing cold air fast. With their vast experience and skills, they’ll seal the leak and refill the coolant so your unit works perfectly again.

Faulty Compressor

An technician inspecting a malfunctioning compressor in an air conditioning system.

A faulty compressor stops your aircon from blowing cold air. The compressor is like the heart of your AC system, moving refrigerant needed for cooling air. If it’s damaged, cold air won’t come out.

At Cool Earth Aircon Services, we’ve fixed many units with this issue. We know that a broken compressor must be checked by professionals right away.

Our team checks compressors using special tools to find the problem fast. Once we know what’s wrong, we can fix it so your aircon works properly again. Without a working compressor, your unit can’t cool your room.

Calling experts like us ensures you get cool air back without long waits or mistakes in repair.

Leaking or Blocked Ducts

A technician inspecting and repairing air ducts in a residential home.

Ducts in your aircon carry cold air around your home. If these ducts have holes or are blocked, cool air escapes before reaching you. Damaged ductwork needs fixing by professionals like Cool Earth Aircon Services.

They find and repair any leaks or blockages. This makes sure cold air blows into your rooms properly.

Sometimes, dirt builds up in the ducts, causing blockages. Cleaning them regularly keeps your air conditioning system running smoothly. It also stops warm air from blowing out when it should be cool.

Regular checks can spot problems early, saving you from big repairs later.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils surrounding the outdoor unit were covered in dust.

Dirty condenser coils can make your aircon not cold. These coils, found in the outdoor unit, release heat from inside your home to the outside. Dust and dirt build-up on them over time.

This makes it hard for your aircon to cool your room.

Cool Earth Aircon Services knows this well. They often find that cleaning these coils fixes air conditioners not cooling properly. Cleaning requires special care, as you don’t want to damage the fins on the coils.

If you’re not sure how to do it right, Cool Earth’s team can help. Regular checks and cleaning keep everything running smoothly and ensure cold air when you need it most.

Faulty Fan

A faulty fan stops your aircon from cooling the room. This happens because the fan is crucial for moving air through your air conditioner. If the fan’s blower belt breaks, it needs a quick replacement.

You can’t fix this alone and will need help from Cool Earth Aircon Services experts.

The team will check your fan and confirm if it’s the cause of warm air blowing from your unit. A professional inspection ensures they solve the problem right away, letting your aircon get back to producing cold air fast.

Blocked or Dirty Evaporator Coils

Your aircon is not cold because of blocked or dirty evaporator coils. These parts are crucial for absorbing warm air. But, when they get clogged, the system can’t do its job well. You might see ice forming on them or a pool of water around your AC unit.

This means it’s time to clean them.

Cool Earth Aircon Services knows how to fix this issue fast. We check for blockages and clear any dirt that stops your aircon from blowing cool air. Regular servicing prevents these problems and keeps your AC working right all year round.


So, your aircon isn’t cold? Key reasons include dirty filters, leakage in ducts, and a faulty compressor. For any problems with your cooling unit, Cool Earth Aircon Services knows how to fix them fast and efficiently.

With 18 years of experience and servicing over 380 units monthly, Brian and his skilled team are the ones you need for quality aircon solutions in Singapore. Keep your space cool; email or call us at [email protected] today.


1. Why is your aircon not blowing cold air?

Your aircon might not blow cold air for several reasons—dirty filters, a problem with the fan motor, or low refrigerant levels. Each affects how your unit works.

2. Can dirty air filters cause my AC to stop cooling?

Yes, absolutely. Dirty or clogged air filters block airflow, making it hard for enough cool air to pass through and keep the room comfortable.

3. What should you do if your thermostat is set correctly but still no cold air?

Check other possible issues like blocked vents or a malfunctioning fan blower. These can prevent your AC from cooling properly.

4. How often should you clean or change your AC’s filters to avoid problems?

Clean or replace your AC’s filters every month during peak usage to ensure proper airflow and cooling efficiency.

5. When should you call an AC technician for servicing?

If basic troubleshooting doesn’t fix the issue—like cleaning filters or checking settings—it’s time to call in professionals from Cool Earth Aircon Services.

6. What maintenance steps can prevent my AC from blowing warm air again?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are key; ensure general cleaning at least once a year by experts like Cool Earth Aircon Services to keep everything running smoothly.

For peace of mind and expert care for your cooling needs, reach out directly at [email protected] today!

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