Aircon Services

According to ACCA, air conditioning is essential in everyday living for people in Singapore. Consequently, due to frequent use of it, machines are more likely to get regular maintenance to ensure the fan coil units in optimal condition.

For that reason, Cool Earth is committed in bringing our customers the most satisfaction they could get from our one stop solution for air-conditioner services.

Our services is bundled in different packages for you to get the best solution in cheapest price.

Aircon Servicing

Hiring a professional maintenance service for your air-conditioning unit will make it works more efficiently and the longer service life. By following a simple and easy maintenance routine you will be able to keep your AC in tip-top shape and enjoy the maximum comfort your HVAC system can provide. Electricity used by air conditioners makes up a huge chunk of the power bill of homes and establishments. The right maintenance work will be an efficient way to properly maintain your AC system as well as keep your electricity bill from skyrocketing. The scope of work for our aircon servicing includes the following:

  • Checking up and cleaning cover, front panel and the filter
  • Purifying filter and deodorizing it
  • Checking and cleaning of evaporator coil and drainage tray
  • Vacuuming of the drainage pan and system
  • Brushing and checking of the condenser coil for leaks
  • Checking and lubricating fan bearings
  • Discharging pressure of the compressor
  • Tightening of electrical connections
  • Free Gas check and Top up

i) One Time Servicing

A/C Units Cost of One Time Servicing
1 fan coil $40
2 fan coils $50
3 fan coils $75
4 fan coils $100
5 fan coils $120
6 fan coils $140

ii) Quarterly Servicing

A/C Units Annual Cost
2 fan coils $200
3 fan coils $240
4 fan coils $320
5 fan coils $400
6 fan coils $480

iii) Chemical Wash

Chemical cleaning is a process that involves the use of chemical-based cleaners to restore and recondition your air conditioner.

Maybe, you have been using your air conditioner for 3-4 years now without experiencing any problem, furthermore without doing any proper maintenance throughout those years. This scenario allows your air conditioning unit to gather dirt, oil and dust in several parts.

This solution requires dismantling the electronic control and fan coil of the unit. Subsequently, all parts of the aircon unit has to be carefully clean using a certain cleaning chemical that washes away the dirt and also sanitize the unit.

The scope of work includes:

  • Disassembling electronic control
  • Dismantling of fancoil
  • Dismantling drainage device
  • Chemically washing as well as cleaning up the fan coil together with other parts
  • Drying and Vacuuming of the drainage
  • Checking up the thermostat
  • Commissioning and testing the system
  • Free check and Gas Top up

Condenser Unit (Chemical Washing) $ 80 per unit
Fan Coil Unit Washing Rate:
1 (ONE) Fan Coil (Without Dismantle ) $ 50 – $ 80
1 (ONE) Fan Coil (Includes Dismantle) $ 100 – $ 150

iv) Gas Top Up

  • R22 – $2 per psi
  • R410 – $4 per psi