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Essential Guide to Aircon Thermistor

This blog post is an essential guide to aircon thermistor. We will discuss how they work, what causes a faulty thermistor, and the signs of a bad one. Thermistors are designed to sense temperature changes inside your air conditioner. Let’s dive in more.

What does a thermistor do in an air conditioner?

A thermistor is a temperature sensor found on most modern air conditioning systems.

After detecting the temperatures in the room, the thermostat sends a resistance signal to the air conditioner control and adjustments are made automatically correcting the cabins room temperature. This helps in regulating the temperatures in the car.

Thermostats can be found underneath the hood of a vehicle or inside the cabin of a car. Their role is to act as ambient temperature sensors and offer corrective measures.

What does a bad thermistor do in your AC?

A sign of a faulty thermistor is the air conditioner blowing cold air only for a limited amount of time. This behaviour is irritating and should be corrected immediately.

If an air conditioner thermistor is broken or faulty, it will not alert the computer processor of the current cabin temperatures. This inhibits the module from activating or deactivating the air conditioner to regulate and control temperatures in the cabin. As a result, cold air is only blown for a short period or in short bursts.

The Cost of Replacing A thermistor

An indoor Aircon thermistor costs between $90 -$160. Labour cost from a skilled technician is charged separately. An outdoor aircon thermistor goes for between $150-$250.

 The brand, new or refurbished thermistors and how many sets you will require all determine the cost of the replacement process.

Where is the thermistor located in AC?

Near the evaporator coils is where the thermistor is mounted.

The coils are found inside the air conditioner system. Air passes through the coils and sensor as it gets sucked through the return vents. The sensor reads the air temperature and compares the readings with the previously set parameters on the thermistor. Another thermistor is at the outdoor of the condenser unit.

Replacing and Removing a Thermistor

With the right technical knowledge, you can remove or replace an aircon thermistor all by yourself. Remember to take caution when removing the thermistor cable in the PCB board. The many wires make the act confusing and challenging hence the need for a specialist.

It is, recommended to hire a trained AC technician to help you remove or replace your thermistor.

The video provided below gives clear steps on how to remove an aircon thermistor.

What is the difference between a thermistor and a thermostat?

A thermostat is cruder than a thermistor. Science shows that conductivity relies on the movement of electrons in a heated metal. A thermistor will be able to record the slightest temperature changes. The thermostat only allows the metal to press upon contact or rise above the contact as temperatures rise.

A thermistor can read changes in conductivity, making it more complex and cruder. A thermistor can express changes in warmth as conductivity varies.


The thermistor is a semiconductor device that measures the temperature and sends this information to the air conditioner’s control unit. When it comes time for you to replace your AC’s thermistor, contact us so that we can help! We have experience in replacing new parts or repairing old ones, whichever best suits your needs.

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