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Trusted Air-Conditioner Cleaning Service Company in Ang Mo Kio

Cool Earth is the fastest leading aircon servicing company, backed by our professionals with more than 18 years of experience in servicing air conditioners for residential and commercial clients all around Singapore.

Every member of the Cool Earth team have strong experience in aircon servicing, maintenance, installations, chemical wash, and repairs. For utmost convenience, you simply give us a call, with details of your concerns and exact location, our team will right ready to serve you the soonest time possible.

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Our aircon is cooling great again! Shout out to the Cool Earth team who serviced us last week.
Tan SC
Tan SC
11:08 11 Feb 19
Reliable team of aircon specialists. I also like to commend their support staff for helping us out when we encountered a problem with our booking
Wong wah yann
Wong wah yann
02:22 12 Feb 19
I'm very thankful for cool earth for the quality service and low rates. They helped me save money by asking them to install my new Aircon instead of the other installation company which gave me a quote that was higher than what I expected for a simple installation job. I really appreciated the way he installed the air-conditioner with no problem and it was running right away. He even walked me through the features and energy saving tips for my AC. If ever me or a friend needs an installation, I'll surely send them to the direction of cool earth. Thanks so much!read more
Linda Moscato
Linda Moscato
08:38 05 Apr 18
The team that serviced the units in our office were kind enough to explain to us how to properly care for the AC units. We really appreciate it, thanks!read more
Wan Hung
Wan Hung
13:27 20 Feb 19
One of easy to find aircon service provider online! They respond fast to your inquiries and even gets the job done faster than expected.
Sheetal Doshi
Sheetal Doshi
12:04 22 Feb 19
One of the things that I really appreciate about Cool Earth is their dedication to honing their skills. You can tell from your brief interaction with their specialists that they really know the industry and the technicalities of aircon servicing. This is one of the reasons why we are their repeat clients. You can trust that their specialists are knowledgeable enough, even with the most complex aircon repair required.read more
10:16 10 Mar 20
Happy with their service! The staff entertained us very well and we were able to get an appointment in no time. Aircon servicing has never been this efficient.read more
poh kee
poh kee
12:31 04 Apr 19
fast and easy transaction online. Days prior our set appointment, we immediately got a confirmation call from one of their guy.
Syaz A
Syaz A
15:36 04 Apr 19
We are so glad with the Cool Earth SG team's work. They were so friendly and explained everything well to us so now we know better how to take care of our aircon units.read more
Febe Low
Febe Low
13:47 16 May 19
Quiet a nice experience with the staffs as they spent time to explain how the air conditioning system works and tips to help prolong the life of the units. Would definitely recommend my friends to check them out before deciding as they were patient and not pushy for me to decide.read more
Ron Wong
Ron Wong
11:19 09 Mar 20
Very good prices and professional. Explanation in detail while servicing. Will be engaging them in future as well. Condenser washing plus gas top up
Jackson Caldwell
Jackson Caldwell
05:54 24 Sep 19
Engaged their services on two occasions. Their aircon technician automatically did thorough assessment on my aircon units even though I did not requested to do so. The aircon technician also checked my aircon gas level and found out its insufficient plus there is leakage. The other aircon companies that I engaged last time will just do whatever service (general cleaning/chemical wash) you asked them to do, no thorough checking, not even checking of gas level/leakage.After this session, my aircon is finally like an aircon, blowing cold air. It was assessed to be needing chemical wash which for so many previous sessions, none told us.The only issue is the timing. First occasion, they were very punctual, in fact reaching 15mins earlier of the stipulated time. However this second occasion, they were late for almost 2 hours, citing traffic condition only when we enquired whereabouts 1 hour later.read more
Wei Ting Tan
Wei Ting Tan
09:59 04 Oct 19
They care for your AC unit like it is their own. They also suggest the best brands for efficient use prior to installation.
MK Shahmi
MK Shahmi
12:16 01 Nov 19
Would rate the service best! It's been a while since we encountered such dedicated and friendly aircon technicians.
ros Alizar
ros Alizar
13:15 07 Nov 19
If you are still wary about trying out chemical washing for your aircon, we highly recommend getting it from Cool Earth Singapore. They are one of the few credible companies in SG that can do it well and safely. Aside from that, you can also be confident about the quality of their service because they also offer follow-up services within a week. So, if you see something wrong even after service, you can always get back to them.read more
07:44 20 Mar 20
Prompt response from the cool earth team + on time and very clean. The repairmen we got were Michael & his partner who were both very efficient & professional. Particularly appreciated the transparency & advice they gave. 10/10 would recommend and use again for maintenance.read more
char dunne
char dunne
03:45 10 Feb 20
Was one of the lucky few that was able to avail of their emergency service. They are usually on an appointment basis for aircon repair but it was really a dire situation for us since we have a baby at home. I’m so thankful to CoolEarth SG for the fast and friendly service.read more
Juita Akmar
Juita Akmar
13:35 28 Nov 19
Thanks for your professional service and advice technician Brendon👍🏻Mine aircon is colder now after chemical overhaul service and top up gas
Michelle Chan
Michelle Chan
04:24 10 Dec 19
One of the best aircon servicing companies that our office has tried in Singapore, so far! We like how their specialists also dressed professionally and were kind enough to also teach us how to properly take care of our aircon to prevent the same problem we had.read more
miss citit
miss citit
12:26 28 Nov 19
Brendon has provided professional service with very good answer to my queries. He and his partner were quick in their inspection and work done. Overall experience with.Brendon team service was excellent. Will recommended and reuse coolearth service. 😃read more
Sam Ngui
Sam Ngui
09:31 18 Jan 20

Why Choose Us?

Our Story

  • Our lead technician has 18 years of aircon servicing and repair experience.
  • 12 technicians with at least 3 years’ experience.
  • Provide same day or next day emergency aircon services.
  • Office hours start from 8 am to 10 pm daily.
  • 100% fix all your aircon problem.
  • Specialise in troubleshooting aircon water leakage problem.
  • Free follow up aircon service within 7 days.
  • Guarantee 90 days workmanship warranty.
  • Provide 100% safe chemical overhaul solution to remove the bacteria inside your aircon.

Our Popular Services

Aircon Servicing

Cool Earth offers everything you need with regards to air con service including the chemical wash. See our best value packages we made for you.

Repairing Air Conditioner

Compressor not running, water drips from the unit, noisy fan operation, aircon not cold, evaporator ices over or unit not running? We are ready to help.

Top up Aircon Gas

Aircon Gas Top Up

We help to top up your aircon gas to make sure your unit is working at the optimal level.

Our Packages and Rates at 2020

Standard AC Servicing

1 fan coil = $50

2 fan coils = $55

3 fan coils = $70

4 fan coils = $100

5 fan coils = $100

6 fan coils = $115

Yearly Contract

1 fan coil = N/A

2 fan coils = $200

3 fan coils = $240

4 fan coils = $300

5 fan coils = $360

6 fan coils = $400

Chemical Wash

Condenser Unit = $80/unit
Chemical Overhaul
1 Fan Coil Chemical Wash Without Dismantle

$80 – $100
1 Fan Coil Chemical Wash Includes Dismantle

$130 – $180

All Works Come with 90 Days Warranty

90 Days Warranty
Licensed Aircon Company
Best Choice
Cleaning aircon base cover
Cleaning AC with powerful vacuum
Putting up outlet part after cleaning

Your Full Aircond Service Center at Ang Mo Kio

  • Standard Cleaning

  • Chemical Cleaning

  • Troubleshooting

  • Installation

Standard AC Washing

Air conditioning is essential in everyday living for people in Singapore. Due to the frequent use of it, aircon’s are more likely to get regular maintenance & servicing. We recommend this step to ensure the fan coil units in optimal condition. We offer everything you need with regards to air-conditioner servicing.

Hiring a professional aircon company will make your air conditioner servicing more efficiently. It also improves its service life. By following a simple and easy maintenance routine, you will be able to keep your AC in tip-top shape to enjoy the maximum comfort your aircon system.

Electricity used by air conditioners makes up a huge chunk of the power bill. The right maintenance work by a reliable aircon servicing Singapore company will be an efficient way to keep your electricity bill from skyrocketing.

The scope of work of air con servicing includes the following.

  • Checking up and cleaning cover, front panel and the filter.
  • Purifying air filter and deodorizing it.
  • Checking and cleaning of the evaporator coil, fan blower, water tray & drainage tray.
  • Vacuuming of the drainage pan and system.
  • Brushing and checking the condenser coil for leaks.
  • Checking and lubricating fan bearings.
  • Discharging pressure of the compressor.
  • Tightening of electrical connections.
  • Free Gas check and Top-up service.

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What Our Clients Say About Us?

James Ho


I will recommend you to my colleagues. Great workmanship, I will definitely be using again!. 

kathy Lee


No matter where you go, Cool Earth is the coolest, most reliable! I STRONGLY recommend Cool Earth to EVERYONE interested in servicing their air-conditioner!

Our Service in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

If you are in Singapore then you know it can get hot and that air-conditioning is a must in most parts of the area. The area is not only hot, but it also is very humid there. This is because there are a lot of rain storms that are caused by many factors including the fact that the area is close to the South China Sea. This is why it’s so important to own your own AC unit if you reside in Singapore. Not having a good AC is something to avoid if you live in the Singapore area where the climate is tropical.

Do not worry too much! We’ll provide the best services that you can get in the Ang Mo Kio area. Our team of experts will come out and work on the AC units you have quickly. They are licensed and experienced because they’ve been doing this work for many years.

Our service area includes Ang Mo KioBedokBukit BatokJurong WesthougangSengkangPasir RisPunggolToa PayohTampinesWoodlandsYishun. We can do maintenance and/or repairs so that you know your AC is working right again. We want to give you top of the line services because we know that is what makes a customer want to come back to us time and again.

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