Benefits of Keeping Your Filter Clean

If you start experiencing problem with your air conditioner unit at home, do not get too panicky right away. The best thing to do is to keep calm and look at your options. If you would heed the idea of the more experienced people, they would advise you to call for an air con service. However, you do not have to wait for the worst case scenario before you actually do something.

One of the major causes of malfunctioning air con units is dirty filters. With dirty filter, the unit would not function as efficiently as it was. Dirty filters will also make it harder for an air cooling system to produce cooler air which it is supposed to be doing. This could be really frustrating especially when the higher temperature hits Singapore.

A basic guide to maintaining an air conditioner unit talks about filter. Filters are found in somewhat different places depending on the type of unit. Regardless, keep in mind that dirty or clogged filters will block cooler airs from coming out and improving the temperature of a specific room. On the other hand, a regularly maintained and cleaned filter will automatically help in the creation of cooler air. This would then lead to higher level of comfort most specifically during the hot summer seasons. This is actually a major benefit of having a clean filter.

Additionally, clean filters consume lesser amount of energy. This could mean lower electricity bill. How is this possible? When filters are clogged, the unit is forced to consumer ore energy just to create and release cooler air. Statistically speaking, it is believed that clean filters and even new filters cuts down electric consumption from 5% to 15%. These figures mean a lot to many people. Finally, clean filters help in the overall maintenance of the unit’s health. This means lesser expenses on repair.

Maintaining, replacing or cleaning air con filters is not as costly as other services provided by air con servicing company. This is also so the most basic yet crucial thing that an aircon unit owner must consider in order to preserve and protect the life span of the unit. After all, finding the right service company for air conditioner in Singapore is not difficult.

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