Tips to Keep Your Aircon at Optimal Performance during hot seasons in Singapore

Singapore is situated in the tropical region of the world which explains why it has high temperatures for most of the year. Living in Singapore is great because it is a developed city-state, but you need to find ways to deal with the heat you experience each day.

For most homeowners, buying an air-conditioner is a quick solution to the discomfort the heat in Singapore brings. It effectively cools the air bringing a cool comfort that would make staying inside your home easier.

Even though an air-conditioner really helps, at peak temperatures during the summer, you need your air-conditioner to run as efficiently as possible. An air-conditioner not performing up to standard will not be able to cool your room well.

It is easy to find out if your AC isn’t performing as it’s supposed to. Fixing it is a whole other issue the you need to tend to. We have some tips here for you that you can try to keep your AC running optimally when it gets too hot during the summer.

Scheduled Maintenance

The most surefire way to keep your AC running at peak level throughout the year is to have maintenance service for it. There are one-time maintenance services while there are also scheduled maintenance services packages.

Maintenance services include cleaning of air filters, pipes, and vents. Also, it includes checking of compressor and condenser for possible problems. It is a preventive service that effectively keeps your air-conditioner running smoothly.

Changing filters is also a part of maintenance service. The filter maintains the air quality in your room not allowing dirt and dust from entering. If the filter gets too clogged, you would be advised to change it with a newer one.

It would be best for to schedule all your maintenance services right before the hot season in Singapore starts. In that way, you get an air-conditioning unit operating at full capacity ready to fight the rising temperatures in the city.

Aircon Location

Placing your air-conditioner in an area that has shade would keep it from heating up too much. This prevents sun damage, wear and tear from shortening your AC’s life span. A cool place outside for your outdoor unit or avoiding direct sunlight on your window unit will surely improve its performance.

Outdoor units should also be placed in a strategic location. And by strategic, we mean keeping it away from plants and weeds. Leaves and twigs might crowd it restricting airflow therefore decreasing ventilation. A good distance is 2 feet around the outdoor unit with no plants, weeds, or trees. Be sure to cut those vines if you see that it’s creeping up near the machine.

Unrestricted Vents

Aircon vents might not appeal to those that are keen on their home’s interior design. But, if you want to keep your AC running optimally, then, you should consider where you air vents are placed because if the inflow and outflow of the air is restricted it will affect the performance of your AC.

We suggest that you keep furniture, curtains, and other appliances from blocking your air-conditioning vents. This relieves the pressure in your system because the ventilation is efficient. Consequently, your unit’s performance will increase as well.

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The Growing Demand of Aircon Usage in Singapore

Thousands of residential homes, apartments, and condominium units are being sold in Singapore each year. This contributes to around 18 percent of the electricity consumption in the city which comes from the energy usage inside their homes.

Aside from the electricity consumption of the residential areas, the non-residential or commercial sector are responsible for 31 percent of the electricity consumed in the island country. Operations in buildings and offices are the main contributors to the electricity consumption.

The electricity consumption from both sectors are mainly because they have air-conditioners installed. In fact, 60 percent of the energy used comes from AC’s that are running continuously day and night for both residences and commercial areas.

Homes in Singapore choose split-type air-conditioners most of the time. These units are chosen over other types of AC’s because they cool efficiently, easy to install, energy savers, and saves space inside the house.

Residences with an air-conditioner installed have steadily increased over the past decade. It is a product of growing income and accessibility to these appliances. Today, 75 percent of homes now have an air-conditioner to cool their homes.

Public housing apartments in Singapore are less likely to own an air-conditioner. Less than 15 percent of these residences have a unit installed. Income levels in these parts of the city are on the lower end which many point to why they don’t own an air-conditioner.

The case for private housing residents is completely different. Almost 99 percent of households in Singapore own an air-conditioner. These speaks to the purchasing power of private residents in the country. Being able to provide comfort to their homes.

Since most apartment units in the city are part of the private housing sectors, purchase of air-conditioners will steadily grow as more and more people buy houses. New homeowners include an AC unit as one of their first purchases for their homes.

Many homeowners turn on their air-conditioners (40%) all night to help them have a comfortable sleep at night. During the first quarter of the year, AC usage lowers down because the outdoor temperature is lower.

During the summer, many households even turn on their air-conditioner during the day because they want a cooler room to fight the heat brought by the hot season. This is the time where air-conditioners are needed the most.

Educational institutions have also recently pushed for air-conditioning in public schools. Although before, schools were advised to use natural ventilation and fans. The rising temperatures within the city are making it uncomfortable inside classrooms especially schools where school hours are longer and there are academic activities.

Air-conditioning is not a problem for many houses, schools, or offices. There are a ton of air-conditioning suppliers in the city. The presence of air-conditioning service companies is also prevalent in many of the congested areas in the city.

As more and more sectors in the country demand for air-conditioning and the temperature keeps rising, we can expect more air-conditioner purchases in the future. Aircon suppliers should be able to provide the units and have appropriate services ready.

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Popular aircon brands in Singapore

here is a growing demand for air-conditioners in Singapore. It can be attributed to the growing number of Singaporeans, expats, and immigrants purchasing private homes in the city. More offices and commercials buildings are still popping up as part of the island country’s continued development.

The need for air-conditioners is more common in countries like Singapore especially in residential and non-residential spaces. The stream of cool air it delivers beats the heat from the outside making your stay inside a house or building comfortable.

Companies have invested in selling air-conditioners all over the city. You can find stores inside malls, aircon suppliers with dedicated buildings, and other types of aircon shops around. There are plenty of manufacturers who sell their machines to hundreds of clients each day.

Looking around an AC shop can feel like a daunting task because of the many different models from different manufacturers on display. It is easy to narrow down your choices though. We’ll list down the most popular aircon brands currently sold in Singapore.


Known for their ductless air-conditioning lines, Panasonic has long been a favorite among city-dwellers around the world. They offer the best features on their models to help cool all types of spaces from offices to their homes.

Ductless air-conditioners from Panasonic are seen in many houses in Singapore because they can cool several rooms by installing different units per room. The quality of the build, value for money, and energy-efficiency of these machines are the highlighted opinions from their users.

As for features, Panasonic offers an advanced AC monitoring system that checks room temperature, air output, and compressor speeds to effectively save energy. You don’t even need to break the bank just to get a hold of an AC with this kind of feature.

Clients can also purchase units that have one, two or more of the following premium features: (a) anti-bacterial air filters, (b) 24-hour operation, (c) washable filters, (d) Blue Fin tech, and (e) R410 refrigerants. Most models are sold in popular stores around Singapore.


The Japanese manufacturer, Daikin, is another popular aircon brand in Singapore. Aside from the quality machines they sell, they also have eco-friendly units that are a hit among city-dwellers especially in this day where climate change awareness is growing.

Inverter and non-inverter units are their top-selling models. Buyers usually choose from these aircon model series because it provides flexibility in terms of features which can fit with what the clients requires in their air-conditioner.

Daikin is also an award-winning brand that is best known for the quality of parts and materials used in their air-conditioners. They’re a trusted manufacturer in Singapore which is evidenced by their ranking at the top of the sales numbers for years.


Mitsubishi is another headliner when it comes to popularity of air-conditioners. The Japanese manufacturer’s most commonly purchased aircon are the split-types for residences and offices. They provide ductless machines that can cool different areas with several indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.

However, the best part about Mitsubishi air-conditioners is the 10-year warranty they offer on their machines. This is an assurance of quality which consumers absolutely love. The long warranty is one of the main reasons why their air-conditioners is popular among Singaporeans.

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5 Benefits To Regular Air Conditioner Servicing

Air conditioners are quite popular and mostly needed in the tropics. This is well placed because they truly need to keep themselves cool from the high temperatures available in those areas. This is one of the reasons malls are so widespread in such an area. Well, we are not here to talk about cool malls and their air conditioning units.

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Benefits of Keeping Your Filter Clean

If you start experiencing problem with your air conditioner unit at home, do not get too panicky right away. The best thing to do is to keep calm and look at your options. If you would heed the idea of the more experienced people, they would advise you to call for an air con service. However, you do not have to wait for the worst case scenario before you actually do something.

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How Air Conditioners Are Serviced?

This is probably your first time to have an air conditioner unit at home, or your unit has not been functioning properly for quite a while. Regardless, you would have to consider air conditioning services before anything happens or before the problem of the unit gets worst.

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