9 Common AC Problems & Their Solutions

Air conditioners are a necessary appliance in Singapore. They keep your home cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside, but they don’t last forever. Sometimes there are simple fixes to common air conditioner problems, like cleaning the coils or changing filters. Other times you need to get professional help because there is something wrong with your system that needs repair.

Here are 9 of the most common AC problems homeowners experience and what you can do about them!

1. The AC is not cooling

If you notice your aircon is not cooling after switching it ON or experiencing some kind of stinky air from the unit, know that the low refrigerant could be the issue. Without proper refrigerant levels, humidity and air cannot be exchanged efficiently or removed from the air. When it comes to cooling, refrigerant is considered to be the lifeblood of the system.

The sign of low refrigerant is usually a sign of another bigger problem. Therefore, the solution is not always to top off the refrigerant and assuming that everything is fine. For example, assuming that your vehicle constantly needs oil top-up, this is a sign of another bigger issue.

This principle applies to ACs. A low refrigerant is a sign of a leak. A professional and experienced technician can fix the leak for you. However, when there are multiple leaks, it is wise to replace the whole unit.

2. The AC is Leaking Water

Aircon leaking water is one of the most common problems found by everyone. The cause of AC leaking water can be varying. But the most common reason is a clogged drainage line.

The main function of the drain is to discharge condensed moisture from the unit. If therefore, the drain is clogged and the pan overflows, Water will begin to back up and damage the system.

This can result in water leaks which may cause property damage. Never overlook the drainage line in your unit. This is why it is paramount to include it in your troubleshooting quest.

3. The AC is not turning ON

An Ac failing to turn is the most dreaded problem many of us fear experiencing. The most probable problem for this problem relates to a lack of power. It could be as a result of a blown fuse or tripping of the circuit breaker. 

In this instant, the solution is as easy as replacing a blown fuse. However, it is important to note that a thermostat can be the problem or a loose/broken wiring.

4. Thermostat Malfunction

Another common problem is a malfunctioning thermostat. For this reason, if your thermostat is not functioning correctly or simply not working, it will not turn the AC ON. If you have set your thermostat to the lowest temperature setting and still nothing is happening, the best action is to call an experienced HVAC repair technician. The technician will help you replace or calibrate the thermostat.

The sad truth is that the old dial-type regulators experience calibration problems often. On the other hand, the latest programmable thermostats do not make it easy either to program.  Nevertheless, when troubleshooting your unit, it is always wise to consult your thermostat manual to ensure it has been programmed properly.

5. Condenser problems

The condenser performs a very important role in the whole system. It is actually responsible for discharging the heat removed from the air in a property or home and releasing it outside. For this reason, when troubleshooting your unit, do not forget to look at the condenser coils.

It is important to note that the condenser coils are found in the outdoor part of your unit. This means that it is exposed to sort, dirt, and other forms of debris. As a result, you will often find it grimy.

Furthermore, the dirty the condenser coil is, the more it will interfere with the transfer of heat, which reduces the efficiency of the unit.  The solution for this problem is easy, and all that is needed is a cleaning.

6. Evaporator problems

This is another part of the unit that one should always look at when troubleshooting.  You never know, the issue with your unit could be the evaporator coil. Therefore, if you are experiencing warmer temperatures coming out of your unit, consider checking the evaporator coils.

Ironically it could mean frozen evaporator coils. Remember, evaporator coils contain refrigerant that helps absorb heat, and often a layer of ice forms on the coil. When it builds up, it causes warm air from the unit to be registered.

The warm air can also be a result of other issues like a dirty air filter, low refrigerant, or obstructed return air.

7. Dirty or leaking ducts

If you are experiencing irregular cooling (some rooms or parts of a room are cooler than the others), or general warm air, it is a sign of improper airflow through the duct. This is something that is not unusual and happens more often than one may want to agree. It is not unusual for a tear to develop in the ductwork, which is often caused by rodents or inattentive workers.

The main function of an air duct is to return the airflow from the system to rooms for cooling. For this reason, if one tear, the cool air will be lost, which creates efficiency issues.

 In turn, a homeowner will end up using a lot of energy to cool a home, which is not favourable to the pocket. This is why it is paramount to inspect your ductwork anytime you are troubleshooting.

8. Noisy fan

The main function of the fan is to blow air over the evaporator coils to cool the air, plus the condenser coil to transfer the heat to the environment. For this reason, a unit will generally have two sets of fans.

In fact, the main sources of unit noises come from the fans or its motor. This noise is often caused by debris and dirt accumulation. Sometimes it could be caused by deteriorating bearings or/and worn belts.

If you, therefore, begin to hear noises from your unit, it is wise to contact a professional immediately. However, in the meantime, shut down the unit to prevent further damage.

9. AC Short Cycling (Shut down frequently)

Air conditioning short cycling is when an air conditioner turns off after every 15 minutes or even turn off immediately it’s turned on. Short cycling simply means there is a fault in the system, which should be corrected as soon as possible to prevent damage to your unit.

The reason for this fault in the systems can range from faulty wiring to improper installation of the AC unit itself. It may be necessary to replace any old parts like a thermostat as well.  It is not an easy fix if you don’t have the skill & knowledge in troubleshooting an air conditioner.  Contact an experienced aircon technician to check for you.


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