Enjoy A Visit To Fort Siloso On Sentosa Island In Singapore

Fort Siloso is on Sentosa Island, and it is now a museum. Located at 33 Allanbrooke Road, Fort Siloso is certainly a place to visit in order to learn about history in Singapore. The fort has all kinds of history about World War II how Singapore had to defend itself against the Japanese invasion. Reviews mention that it is a great way to take a step back into the colonial history of Singapore.

There are all kinds of things to do there, including taking the tunnels to gun emplacements. That sounds pretty cool, and so does visiting the soldiers quarters. Plus you can also check out the fire observation deck and more. You will see wax figures of soldiers, and did you know that the Japanese surprised the country of Singapore by invading from the opposite direction?

Fort Siloso is said to offer free admission, and people talk about spending quite a long time at this attraction in Singapore. It might be a good idea to plan on being there for about two hours. There are plenty of exhibits, and there are also rooms that you visit where you can watch educational films.

You can also enjoy the Skywalk in this area, and many people mention it in their reviews about Fort Siloso. Teachers take groups of students to this fort for educational purposes, and it is a top attraction in the country, #5 out of 44 things to do on Sentosa Island. Plus, you simply get to check out the island as well, and don’t forget the Skywalk that is mentioned with its great views.

Laser tag is also available there, and that is especially good to know if you have kids. Guess where the laser tag game is located. It is in the tunnels that you can take as you explore the fort. The walk around Fort Siloso is so said to be delightful in and of itself. It is a great place to go and have fun and enjoy learning about history at the same time.

As mentioned, this fort is on Sentosa Island, and so you will surely want to check out other places of interest while you are in the area. Good times await you in the rest of Singapore, and you definitely don’t want to miss the attraction outlined here. Fort Siloso is a place to check out if you are visiting Sentosa Island in Singapore.

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