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Fujitsu air conditioning systems are considered to be one of the best brands that are available in the market. That is why most people prefer using products that are manufactured by this general brand because they are affordable and environmentally friendly. Fujitsu air condition systems can last for an extended period when they are well maintained and serviced regularly.

We have technicians expertly trained to clean and repair all Fujitsu model aircon systems. Our chemical cleaning is among the finest in the area. Many people rely on aircon in Singapore, and we make sure that all the cleaning or chemical washes that we perform are done thoroughly.

With the regular cleanings that we offer, your Fujitsu aircon should run without problems. Regular maintenance is the key to maintaining a longer life for your aircon system.

About Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Fujitsu as a brand is known for its electronic innovation. It is considered to be one of the best IT service providers around the globe. The first Fujitsu Aircon was first developed in nineteen sixty-five and since then, the brand has launched thousands of other electric devices that are accepted and used worldwide.

Fujitsu has been able to strengthen its reputation with time and most of the products that are manufactured by this particular brand including air conditioners, are sold to over a hundred countries. Fujitsu air conditioners are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow and extreme heat. Fujitsu air conditioners are also energy efficient compared to other brands that are available in the market.

Most Common Used Fujitsu Aircon Model

Fujitsu offers a broad lineup of Aircon models to customers. However, there are some models that are commonly used by both residential and commercial customers. That is why we are going to discuss more on some of the top leading Fujitsu Aircon models.

#1 Wall mounted High Cop

The wall mounted high cop has a slim and thin design. It has a high-efficiency wind blower and can run for a longer period producing maximum air flow. This particular model has the ability to heat and cool the surrounding rapidly when the compressor reaches the maximum speed. Another reason why Fujitsu users prefer this specific model is because it produces less noise compared to other units.

#2 Wall Mounted Basic

Wall mounted basic features a powerful operation, economy operation, super quiet operation and a highly efficient compact design. This particular model can be installed in commercial buildings and also in study rooms since the unit is very quiet. Furthermore, the unit has a convenient timer, which allows you to input your own settings for suitable surrounding.

#3 Wall Mounted Standard.

The wall-mounted standard features low ambient operation, long lasting ion deodorization filer and a tube arrangement for high-density heat transfer. Maintaining a wall mounted standard is easy since the unit is designed with a special filter for absorbing harmful microorganism as well as dust and invisible mold spores.

Why Choose Us As Your LG Aircon Service Contractor?

The reason why most customers prefer our services is that we offer flexible servicing and maintenance package to our clients. Furthermore, our team is composed of experienced and trained technicians, who use proper equipment and tools to clean and repair your Fujitsu air conditioning unit.

As a leading brand specialized in aircon cleaning and repair services, we believe in delivering quality services to our residential and commercial customers. Get connected with us today for aircon installation services, chemical cleaning, aircon maintenance, gas top-up and repair services.

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