Aircon is Running But Not Cooling? Time to Top Up Your Aircon Gas

If you aircon is running well but not cooling, it might be caused by gas leaking.  We are an air conditioning contractor that offers the best in class maintenance and care for your air conditioning. Our team of experienced engineers have the expertise required for aircon repair, maintenance, installation, servicing and more. We are always happy to help you to take care of your unit.

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The Type of Aircon Gases

There are several different types of gas that are used in air conditioning units. The two main ones that are seen on the market today are R22, and R410.

R22 Gas

R22 is also known as Freon, it is a gas that was introduced to the markets decades ago as an environmentally friendly alternative to the original CFCs. While R22 is indeed more environmentally friendly than other gases, it is far from environmentally friendly, and the Montreal Agreement saw many countries agree to phase out the use of R22 gas. Because of this phase out, most new air conditioning units run other gases, and it can be quite hard to purchase R22 to top up old units, because so few countries make it now. If you have a unit that is powered by R22, you should be proactive about servicing it to ensure that it does not leak. Regular maintenance will keep your unit in good shape, protect the environment, and protect your pocket book from the potential expense of needing to do a full R22 recharge

R410A Gas

R410A is a new type of refrigerant that has all but replaced R22 in most parts of the world. R410 is more environmentally friendly, and more efficient, so it is a good choice for a replacement. IT is better at both releasing heat and absorbing it, and it is less damaging to the ozone layer. It does, however, require more durable parts in the air conditioning unit itself, which means that it will not work in older R22 units. If you have a newer unit, though, there is a very high chance that it uses R410A.

Why You Need to Check Your Aircon's Gas?

You should have your air conditioning checked and serviced regularly. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, over time your air conditioning will start to get damaged and decay. Many parts do need replacing on a regular basis, or at the very least cleaning. If you do not take good cair of your air conditioning unit then it may start to under-perform – either blowing hot air when it is supposed to be cold or failing to warm the air during colder times of the year.

In some cases, all that is wrong with your air conditioning unit is that there is a clogged air filter. In other cases, it is a more serious problem. If your air conditioning unit is leaking coolant then it will not be able to keep you as cool as you might like, and this will become obvious during the warmer months. Rather than waiting until a day when it’s very hot and humid to notice that your air conditioning is not working, it’s a good idea to have regular services. You should not, under normal circumstances, need to recharge your air conditioning with a full load of coolant every year. If you are noticing that this is happening, then there is probably something very wrong with your air conditioning, and you need to get it repaired properly. That is something that we can help with.

Top up Aircon Gas

Air Conditioner Gas Top-up Price

R22 – $2 per psi

R410 – $4 per psi

How We Top Up Gases?

Really, the term ‘recharging’ for air conditioning units does not make a lot of sense. The air conditioning unit is not a battery, rather, it is a large container. The refrigerant pulls heat out of the air, and then transports that heat through the system. Topping up the refrigerant simply means refilling the refrigerant so there is enough in the system to get the job done.

Thr process will depend on the type of system, usually, the air conditioning technician will do the following:

  • Check air filters, pipes and other parts.
  • Check the compressor
  • Check the fluid levels of the refrigerant
  • Confirm the type of refrigerant, and the desired level for the system in question

If there is an issue with the refrigerant levels in the unit, then the technician will take some time to identify why the refrigerant levels are low. If there is a leak, then it could be worthwhile to replace the leaking components and do a full recharge.

If, however, the leak is very small then it may make more sense to just top up the gases in the unit during your regular maintenance visit, and consider other options at a later date.

Checking AC Gas Level

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