Cheap Aircon Gas Top Up Service In Singapore: Price, Process, And Benefits

Looking for aircon gas top-up service? Need to check your refrigerant gas level? Check out our complete guide on aircon gas, how it works, FAQs, and our service price.

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In Singapore, ensuring your air conditioner is in prime condition is paramount for comfort. Many overlook the importance of maintaining correct gas levels for efficient cooling.

At Cool Earth Aircon Services, we understand this necessity. Our competitively priced process ensures your aircon’s gas top-up service keeps your unit functioning optimally.

The precise amount of refrigerant delivers cooler air and reduces energy costs.

With 18 years of experience, we pride ourselves on not being just any company. Brian, our founder, and his team of eight adept technicians manage over 380 units monthly across residential and commercial settings.

Whether you require R22 or R410 refrigerant, we have you covered. Eager for more comfortable days ahead? Let’s join forces to keep the warmth at bay.

Aircon Gas Top Up Price

How much to Refill aircon gas?

It depends on how much gas needs to refill into your air conditioner. Here is the base aircon gas refill price.

Type of GasRate
R22 Gas / Unit$50 - $80
R22 Gas / PSI$2 per PSI
R410 GAS / Unit$60 - $150
R410 GAS / PSI$4 per PSI

Top up Aircon Gas

All Works Come with 90 Days Warranty

Recommended. Take longer time to service but happy its being cleaned thoroughly.
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Denise Dunigan
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Book an appointment easily via whatsapp and the aircon technicians Brendon assigned arrived on schedule.I also want to say that they provided great service and were really through in explaining my issues. They were also really nice and made sure to clean up after performing their work. Great job guys!read more
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Yi Ting Lee
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Great professional services. We've had bad experiences with professional cleaners and aircon specialists before, so we were naturally wary about this at first. Fortunately, after our third try, we found the professional partner for our home (and even our home office). You can readily sense that they have been doing this for years because of their efficient system, from booking to dispatching. Their aircon specialists are also skilled and I heard from one of the specialists that they are required to renew their license annually. Great thanks and great job!read more
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Highly recommended! TQ.
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Honest service from the technician Mr Nick. Knowing we spend alot for the servicing previously from another company but still doesn't fix the issue, he suggested a cheaper alternative. Show us the problem, clean it up and our aircon works great ever since. Knowledgeable on LG aircon. Booking was easy , replies through WhatsApp was fast more
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What is refrigerant gas?

Refrigerant is found in a gaseous or fluid state. It absorbs heat readily from the surrounding environment and provides air-conditioning or refrigeration when it is combined and used with other components like evaporators and compressors.

How Does A Refrigerant Work in Air Conditioning?

Importance of Aircon Gas Top Up

Keeping air conditioners running smoothly is crucial, especially in Singapore’s hot climate. A top priority is the aircon gas top-up service. This service ensures units work efficiently by refilling the refrigerant, a key ingredient that absorbs heat and cools spaces.

Without enough refrigerant, air conditioners blow warmer air, struggle with airflow, or parts might freeze—signs to check and top up the gas. Regular maintenance can spot these issues early, saving cost on full recharges caused by leaks or damage.

Letting the unit run low on gas reduces performance and could shorten its lifespan significantly. Ensuring an optimal level of refrigerant means cooler rooms and lower energy bills.

Symptoms of Low Refrigerant Levels

Aircon problems can creep up on you. Low refrigerant levels are a common issue we fix.

  • Weak airflow through vents: This is a clear sign the aircon needs a gas top-up. The system struggles to circulate enough cold air.
  • Rising energy bills: With less refrigerant, the aircon works harder and uses more power, causing bills to go up.
  • Ice builds up on the evaporator coils: A lack of gas causes the coils to get too cold, leading to ice formation.
  • Unusual noises from the unit: Hissing or bubbling sounds can indicate a gas leak in your air conditioning system.
  • Warm air blows out instead of cool: If there’s not enough refrigerant, your air conditioner can’t cool the air effectively.
  • Decreased airflow: Low gas levels make it hard for your system to maintain proper airflow.
  • Freezing occurs on the outdoor unit: Similar to the evaporator coils, parts of the outdoor unit may freeze over too.
  • Water leaks inside near your unit: Less gas means parts of your aircon freeze and then thaw, leaking water.
  • Frequent system shutdowns or error codes: Improper gas levels disrupt normal operation.

Address these signs promptly by checking and topping up your aircon’s refrigerant level for optimal performance and efficiency.

Best Choice
Licensed Aircon Company
90 Days Warranty

Types of Refrigerant Gases for Aircon

We know our stuff when it comes to the types of refrigerant gases for aircon. Here’s a concise breakdown:

TypePrice per UnitPrice per PSINotes
R22$50 – $80$2Being phased out due to environmental concerns
R410$60 – $150$4Suited for newer systems, more eco-friendly

We use R22 and R410 gases. R22 costs between $50 – $80 per unit and $2 per PSI. Yet, the world is moving away from R22 because it’s bad for the planet. On the other hand, R410 ranges from $60 – $150 per unit and costs $4 per PSI. It fits newer systems better and is kinder to the environment. Choosing the right gas makes a big difference in both performance and sustainability. Trust us to always select what’s best for your aircon and the world around us.

Aircon Gas Top Up Process

We ensure your aircon gets the right amount of gas. Our team follows a step-by-step process, ensuring everything works perfectly. Here’s how we do it:

  • Check air filters, pipes, and compressor for trouble.
  • Measure current refrigerant levels.
  • Find leaks with special tools to prevent gas escape.
  • Recover any leaking refrigerant safely.
  • Top up your aircon with the correct type of gas.
  • Test the system to confirm full efficiency.
  • Document all work, including gas used and repairs.

This guarantees your aircon works well and keeps you cool without worry.

Checking AC Gas Level

Does An Aircon Need To Top Up Aircon Gas?

In the ideal scenario, an aircon gas top-up becomes necessary when the levels have dropped by 10%. A gas level drop of 10% can result in a 20% increase when it comes to the electricity that you are consuming.

Related Read: 4 Warning Signs of Low Refrigerant in Your AC.

How often should you top up aircon gas?

You should refill your aircon gas every one to three years. However, this can vary based on how well your air conditioner is functioning and if there are leaks. If your air conditioner uses more electricity or doesn’t cool properly, it might be time to check and refill the gas sooner.

There’s no requirement for an annual top-up unless you discover a leak. The goal is to ensure your unit operates efficiently and minimises electricity consumption. For instance, allowing the refrigerant level to decrease by 10% could result in using 20% more electricity.

Why Choose Us

  • Our lead technician has 18 years of aircon servicing and repair experience.
  • Provide same day or next day emergency aircon services.
  • 100% fix all your aircon problem.
  • Specialise in troubleshooting aircon water leakage problem.
  • Free follow up air con service within 7 days.
  • Guarantee 90 days workmanship warranty.
  • Provide 100% safe chemical overhaul solution to remove the bacteria inside your aircon.

Need help with your aircon? Cool Earth Aircon Services has got you covered. Our skilled team ensures your unit runs smoothly, saving you from discomfort and high bills. Ready for a gas top-up or any AC servicing needs? Email us at [email protected].

Aircon Brands Supported by Cool Earth

Supported AC Brands

Signs of a Gas Leak in Your Aircon

Air conditioners need gas to cool your room. If it leaks, you might not feel cold air.

  • Warm air from the unit: Not enough refrigerant to cool the air.
  • Hissing noises: Gas escaping from tiny holes or cracks.
  • Ice on the compressor: Low refrigerant levels cause parts to freeze.
  • High electricity bills: A leak forces the air conditioner to work harder, using more power.
  • Water leaks inside: Low gas can cause the system to break down and leak water indoors.
  • The air conditioner turns off by itself: It’s trying to protect itself because it can’t function properly.
  • Error messages on the display: These codes often mean there’s not enough gas for cooling.
  • Musty smells: Indicates mold growth due to incorrect temperature and humidity control.

We look for these signs during our service visits, ensuring your system operates well and keeps you cool.

FAQs About Aircon Gas

Can you top up refrigerant gas yourself?

Don't try to add more refrigerant gas to your aircon by yourself. If your AC doesn't have enough gas, it can get too hot and break down. You need trained people to fill it up safely and correctly.

Trying to do it on your own is risky and might cost you more if things go wrong. Let professionals take care of adding gas to your aircon with skill and attention.

What Will Happen If An AC Runs Without Gas?

When the aircon gas level is too low, your AC will no longer be able to absorb hot air in your home. This usually happens when the air that blows out of your vents starts to feel warmer or even hotter than usual.

In certain cases, the air blowing from your vents will also start to decrease.

An AC unit that does not have enough refrigerant could also freeze over, where it turns into one large block of ice. This layer of ice will also stop the airflow, which slows down the air that is supposed to be coming out of your vents.

Can Aircon Gas Run Out?

Aircon gas is not supposed to run out, but external actions or a gas leak can reduce the amount of gas in the system. The refrigerant can deplete when the gas storage and pipes are damaged, or when repair work has reduced the refrigerant levels.

Should I Fill My Air-Con Gas Every Year?

No, it is not always necessary to top up your AC gas every year. In the ideal world, air conditioners should never run out of refrigerant. Aircon gas is not like the gas that a car uses.

This means that you will only need to top the refrigerant up when a leak occurs. The only way to determine whether there is a leak in the system is when an AC technician measures the levels.

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