The Jurong Bird Park In Singapore Is Beautiful And Very Interesting

The Jurong Bird Park is located at 2 Jurong Hill, and it is the 18th ranked attraction in Singapore. The Penguin Coast and the Waterfall Aviary are two important points of interest in regards to the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. It should be noted that this entire park is going to be relocated soon to the Singapore Zoo. So far, it is still at its current location though.

You can imagine just how much it is going to add to the zoo because both the zoo and the bird park are top ranked attractions individually. When you do visit the bird park, the High Flyers Show is one of the highlights. There is also a show called the Kings of the Skies. You will also want to check out what is called the Lory Loft. Reviews say that the first stop when you enter the park is called Parrot Paradise. That part of the park sounds really cool to me, too.

Parrots are beautiful birds, and you are going to see many beautiful birds while you are there. The whole park is said to be a bird lovers paradise, and so you can just imagine what all you are going to find. While this park and the zoo are still separate attractions, it might be a good idea to plan to visit each on the same day. You could start with the Jurong Bird Park, and then you could make your way to the Singapore Zoo. Of course, you want to make sure that you are able to have enough time to visit each place.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore is the organization that manages the bird park. It has been open since January 3rd, 1971, so it has been around longer than the Science Centre in Singapore. Remember though that it will soon be moving to the Singapore Zoo, but who knows how long that will take. You will just want to think ahead of time before you make your plans to visit. It would actually be really neat to be one of the last visitors to the bird park the way it exists now.

While you will see plenty of birds, also remember that there is a beautiful waterfall. Plus, you can catch a tram ride around the bird park to take it all in a different way. Plus, the tram ride will help you get off your feet for awhile. Take that tram ride and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the entire park.

The Dinosaur Descendants area of the bird park is dedicated to flightless birds. It should also be mentioned that if you are looking for food, there are cafes around the park, too. And you know you are going to have to stop at a gift shop. You can also enjoy chatting with the keepers at the zoo. It will be a great visit to the Jurong Bird Park, and you will have fun checking out all of the other places of interest in Singapore, too.

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