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Our LG Aircon Repair and Cleaning Services

We have technicians expertly trained to clean and repair all LG model aircon systems. Our chemical cleaning is among the finest in the area. Many people rely on aircon in Singapore, and we make sure that all the cleaning or chemical washes that we perform are done thoroughly. Your air conditioner will run better and more efficiently after a proper cleaning.

With the regular cleanings that we offer, your LG aircon should run without problems. Regular maintenance is the key to maintaining a longer life for your aircon system. If, however, your unit experiences a leak, starts to make noise or it just will not cool correctly, we are here to fix it and fix it fast for a good price. We offer services that will leave you completely satisfied with our work.

About LG Air Conditioner

As one of Korea’s biggest corporations, LG produces many electronics, televisions, mobile phones, refrigerators and air solution systems. Originally founded in the late 1950s as Gold Star, the company became LG Electronics in the 1990s.

It was after the Korean War. People needed appliances and home goods. Gold Star was the first company to mass produce items like radios and washing machines for the country following the war. Air conditioners were also among the first products made in Korea by LG for the people following the war.

The first real aircon was not actually produced until 1968, however by 1998, they were the first manufacturer to build a commercial air conditioner in Korea. Two years later, they were the world’s best residential air conditioning seller.

In 2004, they sold the most aircon units than any other company in the world. Two years after that, LG introduced its own three-in-one inverter which led to sales of over 100 million units.

Most Commonly Used LG Aircon Models

  • Split Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Multi-Split Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Window Air Conditioner
  • NewArtCool Platinum Luxury Aircon

Why Choose Us As Your LG Aircon Service Contractor?

When you need your LG unit serviced, cleaned or repaired, trust it to professionals like us. Our technicians have the specific skills and experience needed to work on LG units of all types. Our reputation in the aircon industry is excellent and that is due to the manner we handle every service call.

We have an understanding of all LG aircon systems, so we can diagnose any problem and fix it fast. If your split-air or window unit stops working, contact us and make an appointment with our friendly service staff.

Cleaning your system is something we recommend doing a few times each year. We have the equipment and techniques to chemically clean your LG unit so that it is free of bacteria, dirt, and grime. You will notice how fresh the air in your home is after we clean your aircon

We know LG aircon but we also know how important it is to understand our customers’ needs and concerns. We want to provide you with the best cleaning and repair services for your LG unit at great prices.

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