Make A Stop At Haw Par Village In Singapore For A Unique Experience

Would you like to visit a cool theme park while you are in Singapore? One of the best places to visit is Haw Par Villa. It is one of the top 75 attractions in the entire country of Singapore, and it is located at 262 Pasir Panjang Road. You might be interested in knowing that this park has quite the history, as it opened more than 90 years ago. It used to be called the Tiger Balm Gardens.

This theme park isn’t just fun but a good place to learn about Chinese mythology. Haw Par Villa is said to be like a maze as far as the setup, so that makes it even more fun according to reviewers. It was mentioned that this place is a theme park, but it is also a very unusual place. Put it this way, you will see 1000 statues. Plus, you will also see over 150 dioramas.

One of the places, attractions or exhibits there is the Ten Courts of Hell, which sounds rather disturbing. It is a place that you visit to see depictions of hell that are quite gruesome, and the depictions are based on Buddhism and Chinese mythology. While the park has been open for many years, it has also been refurbished recently. To add, you don’t have to pay anything to visit Haw Par Villa.

This place of interest is of course extremely unique, and it is of course historic. The statues are of Chinese legends and warriors, and many reviews say they are quite interesting. You know most of what to expect now, and you know that you can get in for free. While there is quite a bit to see, how long can you expect to visit the theme park? Some people report spending quite a bunch of time there, while others say that they only spent about an hour.

You can use the MRT station to get there, and people report that it’s actually not a very busy place. That doesn’t mean it’s not popular, but it does mean that it should be a less hectic attraction to enjoy. Remember that it’s about the stories and the history, too. It should be a different type of experience as you travel Singapore, and you can’t best that. Make your way over to 262 Pasir Panjang Road, and see what Haw Par Village has to offer. It is said to be best to visit during the morning hours.

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