All You Need to Know About The Changi Museum

Changi Museum it is a beautiful location that commemorates what happened in Singapore during World War II. It specifically addresses the occupation of Singapore by the Japanese. This museum was first opened up back in 2001. They also created, next to the Changi Prison, a replica Museum and Chapel. After the prison expanded a few years later, this facility was relocated. There are many different forms of artwork that are there. This includes POW personal effects that have been donated. Here is a brief introduction to what you will find at the Changi Museum.

What Is At The Changi Museum

When you arrive, you are going to see an assortment of photographs, paintings, and items that were given to the museum from actual prisoners of war. There are sketches that were made documenting this time, depicting what daily life was like during this difficult period in the history of Singapore. There are replicas that are very well conceived including Changi Murals. POW Stanley Warren also made five murals that are on display. Several watercolor paintings can be seen, some of which were created by Mary Angela Bateman who was a prisoner at Changi Prison for several years. It is a fantastic collection commemorating this time in Singapore when so many people suffered so much.

Rules That You Must Abide By

There are a few rules that you must abide by once you arrive. These are designed to maintain and preserve the items that are there. For example, you are not allowed to take photography of any of the exhibits that are on display. This is true for each of the five zones that are there. Each zone is representative of a specific time, displayed in chronological order. In no particular order, this will include the End of War, Changi Murals, Changi Prison, Storyboards and wartime artists. There is one exhibit which does create very profound emotions when it is seen. It is a replica of the cells in which POWs were confined. A great amount of work and time went into this commemoration of what occurred so many decades ago.

Why Was The Museum Created?

As with most memorials, they are designed to inform people in the future about what happened long ago. These are events that were catastrophic, not only to the individuals, but to the culture of those that were in Singapore. Once it was opened in 2001, it was designed to commemorate the 59th anniversary of when the Japanese invaded Singapore in 1942. You can take advantage of a 45 minute tour that will explain everything at this location, conveying the suffering and tragedy that occurred.

Located adjacent to the Changi Airport in Singapore, very close to Changi Park, you can visit this memorial. It is a well-crafted display of what people in Singapore went through as a result of World War II in the hands of the Japanese. Fortunately, we have all moved on from that terrible time. However, it does need to be remembered. If you would like to learn more about what happened in Changi during the second world war, the Changi Museum is a place that you should visit.

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