An Overview Of Clarke Quay, Singapore

Clarke Quay is a historical and quaint quay that is located on the riverside in Singapore. This quay is situated upstream directly from the Singapore River’s mouth and the Boat Quay. This historical quay used to be the hub of the commercial enterprise for the region in the 19th century, but today, this quay is known more for its restored buildings and warehouses that now feature retail shops, restaurants, entertainment areas and wine bars.

The History Of And Present Day Clarke Quay

This quay was named after the second Governor of Singapore who was also the Governor of the Straits Settlements between 1873 and 1875. His name was Sir Andrew Clarke. He was also played a major role in helping to position Singapore as the primary port for Sungei Ujong, the Malay states of Perak and Selangor.

With the quay’s recent, it has gradually become the main entertainment spot in Singapore. It has taken the place of other hot spots in the region with many nightclub and pub owners choosing to add sexy concepts and trendy styles to the quay to transform it into one of the top entertainment destinations in the world.

The nightlife is vibrant and refreshing, and has hosted many world class acts including the Crazy Horse cabaret from France, and the UK Dance Club has also opened doors in the quay. As Clarke Quay has become a popular nightspot, visitors go to the waterfront as often as possible.

River Cruise

The river cruise is another popular attraction of the quay. The Singapore River Cruise will allow you to enjoy the cool breeze on your face, while watching the dazzling lights and listening to the different sounds that come from the pubs and restaurants that are set up along the river.

It is easy to understand why this is not only a popular river cruise, but also why it can last up to 40 minutes. It provides tourists and residents with a break from the busy hustle of the city that can easily been seen while on the boat. If you ever visit this quay, you have to take some time to enjoy this Singapore River Cruise.


Before beginning a day of exploring, or after a long day, you will want to enjoy some authentic Singapore cuisine.

The Food Times Square is a fast food restaurant in the area that serves Chinese food. They offer combo meals with different vegetables and meats with your choice of rice or fried noodles.

The Annalakshmi Restaurant has a very unique business model. It serves Indian vegetarian food, and allows patrons to eat what they want, and pay what they want. There is no pay structure for meals.


There are several hotels on the quay including the Park Regis Singapore and the Novotel – Clarke Quay. It is best to book rooms in advance as they are rented very quickly, especially during the busy holiday seasons.

Clarke Quay is the destination for those who enjoy the night life. Even with all of the upgrades and changes, there are remnants of the past that can still be seen.

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