Plan A Day Trip To The Science Centre In Singapore

The Science Centre in Singapore is one of the top places of interest to visit in the country. In fact, it is ranked #78 out of the 850 attractions in Singapore. What all can you do there? The Science Centre located on 15 Science Centre Road is packed full of things to do, and the following is an introduction of what you can expect based on the reviews.

The optical illusions are a favorite at the Science Centre. The Omni Theater is another favorite part of the Science Centre that people like quite a lot. Reviews say that people spend about a half a day there on average, so keep that in mind as you make plans to visit. This center isn’t just a place for science lovers but a place that everyone can enjoy. It features so many unique and interesting areas to enjoy. You know that the science center is going to be a great place for the kids, too.

Snow City is also said to be fun, and people say to make sure to visit the outdoor Kinetic Garden. The circus exhibits are also said to be quite fun. You also need to check out the shows there, such as the Tesla Coil Show and the Fire Tornado Show. People talk about the mirror maze being quite fun, too. Do you like mirror mazes?

With the amount of interactive exhibits and activities this place features, you are surely going to have a lot of fun. To get there, you take the MRT and get off at Jurong East. Reviews point at that you will need a separate ticket for the Omni Theater. The Snow World that was mentioned is a nearby attraction, so it is a completely separate place to visit while you are in that area.

Take a guess at how many exhibits are at the Science Centre in Singapore. There are 850 exhibits at over 8 galleries. The center is said to get more than one million visitors each year, so you know it does quite well. It has been around for decades, too, ever since 1977. The center was first tossed around as an idea in 1969, but it was 1977 in the month of December when it opened.

The Omni Theater became part of the center in 1987. There was an additional expansion to the center in 1999. The center also celebrated its silver jubilee in 2003. It is a place that is part of Singapore’s history, and you will certainly enjoy your visit.

You might want to be sure you check out The Observatory, too. Gaze up at the stars, and reviews say that 50 people can enjoy the room at the same time. It is interesting to note that there are actually plans to relocate the Science Center. The plans were first thought about in 2008, so it’s not something that has happened right away. Still, keep that in mind for the future, and for now, enjoy your visit to the Science Centre.

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