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Aircon Servicing Deals 2021

Looking for aircon servicing price & deals for your air conditioners? In this guide, we share the price and scope of work for regular aircon servicing, annual maintenance contract, chemical wash & overhaul.

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How much is aircon servicing in Singapore?

Let’s take a quick overview of the aircon servicing price here. Please read on for the full detailed aircon service pricing based on the aircon type and cleaning method.

General Servicing

From $18/Unit *

  • Clean filter
  • Clean drainage pan
  • Clean front-panel & cover
  • Standard inspection
  • Dismantle fan blower & wash (if necessary)
  • Vacuum drainage pipe
  • Vacuum indoor evaporator coil
  • Check aircon gas pressure
  • $18-$22.50/unit (Min 2-7 units)

90 Days Warranty

Chemical Wash

From $80/Unit *

  • Clean filter with chemical
  • Clean front-panel & cover with chemical
  • Thorough inspection
  • Dismantle fan blower & chemical wash
  • Chemical flush drainage pipe & pan
  • Chemical wash indoor evaporator coil
  • Check aircon gas pressure
  • $80-$100/unit depends on size/locations

90 Days Warranty

Chemical Overhaul

From $130/Unit *

  • Takedown and dismantle the whole unit to do a chemical wash
  • Thorough inspection
  • Dismantle fan blower & chemical wash
  • Chemical flush drainage pipe & pan
  • Chemical wash indoor evaporator coil
  • Check aircon gas pressure
  • $130-$180/unit depends on size/locations

90 Days Warranty

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90 Days Warranty

Ad-Hoc Aircon Servicing (one-time)

The cost for one-time aircon servicing depends on the number of fan coils unit. Most people will clean the fan coils unit every 3-4 months. Ideally, you will get a lower price when servicing more AC units at the same time.

No. Of Fan CoilsRate
1 Fan Coil$50
2 Fan Coils$55
3 Fan Coils$70
4 Fan Coils$85
5 Fan Coils$100
6 Fan Coils$115
7-9 Fan Coils$18/Units *

* Only apply for single property only. Sharing is not allowed.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Our maintenance contract includes four-time servicing per year at a lower cost compare to ad-hoc servicing. Service your aircon regularly will keep your unit run at optimal performance and save more in the long run.

No. Of Fan CoilsYearly Rate
1 Fan CoilN/A
2 Fan Coils$200
3 Fan Coils$240
4 Fan Coils$300
5 Fan Coils$360
6 Fan Coils$400
7 or moreContact

Aircon Chemical Wash & Overhaul

Our chemical cleaning will able to remove stubborn dirt inside your aircon unit. Regular aircon chemical wash will use a safe formulated chemical to clean your aircon without dismantling the whole AC unit. Aircon chemical overhaul will disassemble the entire unit, which offers the maximum cleaning solution.

Cleaning SolutionRate
1 Unit Non-Dismantle Chemical Wash$80 -$100 *
1 Unit Dismantle Chemical Overhaul$130 - $180 *

* Depends on size & location

AC Condenser Cleaning Cost

The cost to clean an AC condenser start from $80/unit as a stand-alone service depends on the size and locations. It may not need to be cleaned as frequently as the indoor unit (fan coil). But we recommend cleaning it at least once or twice a year.

No. Of CondenserRate
1 Condenser Unit$80

Check-up & Troubleshooting

Are you having an aircon not cold or leaking water problem? Let our experienced team help you troubleshoot the root cause and fix it for you. The checking fee will be waived if you accept our proposal to fix your problem.

Scope of WorkRate
Standard Troubleshooting$40
Advanced Troubleshooting$50

Top-Up Gas

We will check your aircon refrigerant gas during the servicing process and advise further if there is a need to top-up the gas. The actual price will depend on the type of gas and the required quantity.

Type of GasRate
R22 Gas / Unit$50 - $80
R22 Gas / PSI$2 per PSI
R410 GAS / Unit$60 - $150
R410 GAS / PSI$4 per PSI

Customer Reviews about our Aircon Services

Recommended. Take longer time to service but happy its being cleaned thoroughly.
Denise Dunigan
Denise Dunigan
03:27 24 Mar 21
Simply one of the best in town! Professional and prompt services. We have booked their services both for residential and corporate spaces. The team, led by Michael, was really warm to deal with, and they tried to be as transparent as possible in guiding us about the repair they were doing. As a repeat client, I cannot recommend them enough. If you want quick response from the team, you can simply contact them through their website. An customer specialist will immediately be in touch with you more
07:31 15 Jul 20
Book an appointment easily via whatsapp and the aircon technicians Brendon assigned arrived on schedule.I also want to say that they provided great service and were really through in explaining my issues. They were also really nice and made sure to clean up after performing their work. Great job guys!read more
Yi Ting Lee
Yi Ting Lee
05:18 24 Nov 20
Great professional services. We've had bad experiences with professional cleaners and aircon specialists before, so we were naturally wary about this at first. Fortunately, after our third try, we found the professional partner for our home (and even our home office). You can readily sense that they have been doing this for years because of their efficient system, from booking to dispatching. Their aircon specialists are also skilled and I heard from one of the specialists that they are required to renew their license annually. Great thanks and great job!read more
Jacqualine Rolle
Jacqualine Rolle
01:51 02 Aug 20
Highly recommended! TQ.
03:11 04 May 21
Thanks for the great job and clean up the mess after servicing. Will use again.
Adam BT
Adam BT
06:05 19 May 21
Looks good to me. Not big surprised but ok.
Tarra Gardener
Tarra Gardener
03:47 26 May 21
Easy to set appointment. The aircon chemical wash did the job to remove all the bad smell. Recommended.
Jimmy Gorrell
Jimmy Gorrell
02:07 28 Jun 21
CoolEarth AC is one of the best companies where you can get the services you need when it comes to aircon servicing, maintenance and repair. They are affordable and provide great customer service too!read more
Marjorie Perrotta
Marjorie Perrotta
02:27 31 Jul 21
On time and responsive by customer service. Helped to arrange same-day service on confirmation.
04:03 26 Jul 21
The technicians at CoolEarth AC really know what they're doing when it comes to aircon repair and service! Their rates are good too which is always a plus!read more
Voncile Yea
Voncile Yea
02:51 31 Jul 21

All Works Come with 90 Days Warranty

Why Choose Us

  • Our lead technician has 18 years of aircon servicing and repair experience.
  • Provide same day or next day emergency aircon services.
  • 100% fix all your aircon problem.
  • Specialise in troubleshooting aircon water leakage problem.
  • Free follow up air con service within 7 days.
  • Guarantee 90 days workmanship warranty.
  • Provide 100% safe chemical overhaul solution to remove the bacteria inside your aircon.

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The Scope of Work of our aircon Service

Cool Earth is delighted to offer you our best aircon service. This includes inspection of the current condition of your air-conditioning system. This aircon health check includes:

  • Temperature setting
    An accurate record of your equipment is important data can determine possible problems, which can be avoided. A record will be kept with the unit which may reduce emergency service time.
  • Controls & Safeties
    Controls and safeties that do not function properly can increase the operation cost and cause other components to fail.
  • Spare parts
    These include fan coils, unit wirings, capacitor, belts and pulleys, air filter, thermostat and unit motors.
  • Relays & Contractors
    Worn contacts and loose wire connections can lead to motor or compressor failure.
  • Condensate Drain
    Algae and dust can plug a condensate drain which can cause extensive water damage to your furnace.
  • Mode Setting
  • Aircon leaking & not cold troubleshooting
  • Gas Pressure (R22 and R410)

FAQs About Aircon Service Price

How much is aircon servicing in Singapore?

Regular aircon servicing costs from $18-$22.5 per fan coils, depending on the number of indoor units. For a typical 3 fan coil system, the aircon servicing price is $70. If you want to reduce the cost, you can take on the annual maintenance contract, which costs $240 per year and comes with four servicing.

How much does it cost to service a split system air conditioner?

The cost to service a split system aircon in Singapore is calculated based on the number of indoor units (fan coils) and the condenser unit. The typical cost to service a System 4 air conditioner (4 fan coils & 1 condenser unit) cost around $180 in Singapore.

How much does it cost to run an air conditioner for cooling?

The air conditioning costs vary depending on the size of the room and the brand of air conditioner, but on average, it costs $0.25 – $0.35 per hour to run it for cooling purposes. If you are running your Aircon for 8 hours per day, it will have cost around $60-$85 per month per unit. A medium-sized room would cost between $0.35 and $0.70 per hour, while a larger space (50sqm) would cost between $0.70 and $0.95 per hour.

Is it necessary to service AC every year to keep the maintenance cost lower?

Yes, it is important to have your air conditioners serviced at least once a year to keep your aircon in good shape and low maintenance cost. Regular A/C maintenance ensures that your unit is running at its peak efficiency and helps you identify any small problems before they become big ones.

Is maintenance of inverter AC costly?

No, and yes. The cost of maintenance for an inverter AC is the same as for a typical AC. You will need to get your air conditioner serviced once a year, and you will need to clean the filters regularly as you would with any other AC.

But as inverter AC is controlled mostly by printed circuit boards (PCB), if there is a problem with the PCB board, then it needs to be replaced entirely. And, of course, the spare parts cost will be higher for an inverter because they are about 15-20% higher than the cost of a normal one.

Is it cheaper to leave the AC on all day?

Yes, it is more energy efficient to leave your air conditioning on. But this doesn't mean what many people assume, which is that you should be leaving your AC running all day and night.

Here is why is it more efficient to leave your air conditioning on:

Air conditioners not only maintain the temperature inside your home but also keep humidity levels in check. When you turn your AC off on a hot day, even for a few hours, things can get thrown out of whack really quickly.

When you turn your air conditioner back on after shutting it off, it will have to work much harder to restore optimal comfort levels. If you're abusing the thermostat dial, it'll just make your air conditioner run inefficiently. Instead, make your home comfortable faster by turning it down a few degrees and saving energy.

On the flip side, with a programmable thermostat and humidifier, the air conditioner can maintain the perfect humidity and temperature balance in your home while you're not there. When you come back from a break, you'll likely want to make the house warmer.

How can I reduce my AC bill?

The primary method to reduce your AC bill is never to set the temperature too low. Improper use of air conditioners will indeed increase power consumption. Setting the temperature too low could result in increased power consumption. It also makes your body feel uncomfortable. Find out more tips to save electricity here.

To get the most out of your air conditioner, it's best to set the temperature at 23-25 degrees Celsius. This allows for better cooling comfort and higher energy savings.

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