Quick Intro About Singapore Philatelic Museum

There is a museum in Singapore that presents information about stamps, as well as the postal history of Singapore. It is called the Singapore Philatelic Museum, presenting stamps that date back all the way to the 1830s. These permanent galleries can provide you with a view of the past, captured in pictures that are depicted on the stamps that were used over the last 180 years. Here is what you can expect to see if you are lucky enough to visit the Singapore Philatelic Museum.

When Was It Created?

This museum initially opened in 1995. Although it was originally part of the Telecommunication Authority of Singapore, it was later transferred to a fully owned subsidiary by the name of the National Heritage Board. It is the very first of its kind in Southeast Asia, a museum completely devoted to stamps in the Postal Service. It is a colonial building, one that has two stories, and is well over a century old. Initially, this building was used as a Anglo Chinese school. Once it was converted, it began to display the unique stamps that have been produced in Singapore.

What Will You See There?

You will get to see many things at this facility. They have current, permanent, and up-and-coming exhibitions. Some of the permanent ones that are always on display include the Room of Rarities, the Orange Room, and the very popular Heritage Room. These displays will present how stamps can be historical, providing a glimpse into the history, technology, and culture that has developed over the decades. One of their best is a 1854 Indian stamp collection, plus they have stories about migrant races that played a role in the creation of the stamps that are on display. You will see private collections that are not available anywhere else from renowned philatelists. You can also see Republic of Singapore stamps, German forgeries, and stamps that were printed that mocked King George VI.

When Can You Visit?

You can visit their website to find out where they are located. They will tell you how much it will cost to visit for adults and children. Permanent residence of Singapore are allowed to go in for free. There is a cost for foreign visitors. It is open seven days a week from 10 AM until 7 PM. It is located very close to the Singapore River. If you get a chance to go, you can learn a little bit about how societal influences helped create these beautiful stamps that are on display at the Singapore Philatelic Museum.

Whether you are a tourist traveling through, or if you have been in Singapore your entire life and have never gone, this museum is a place you should visit. They have many collections that you can see, and exhibitions that are constantly being updated. They even have a gift shop so that you can get souvenirs. To learn more about the history of Singapore, you should visit the Singapore Philatelic Museum to see how the history of this country has been commemorated in the form of these beautiful stamps on display.

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