Singapore’s Hottest Months Takes Significant Toll on Common Resources

As we have all probably experienced, the summer months in Singapore can be really harsh. Days are humid from morning until night, and it turns out that as we try to adapt to the temperature increase in the entire country, our usage of common resources such as water and electricity also spike up.

This is revealed in a study recently conducted by researchers from the National University of Singapore. A single increase in the degree of temperature was seen to propel significant changes in how households use their air conditioners and showers. Interestingly, according to the study low-income household tend to consume more water during the hot months. As a matter of fact, an increase of up to nine litres per day is estimated for every increase in temperature in Singapore. This suggests that these households turn to either more frequent or longer shower time when it gets too hot in the country.

On the other hand, an increase in air-con usage was more felt among affluent households, including those in high-class condominiums. Most if not all of these households recorded at least two more hours of air con usage, which consequently resulted to higher electricity bill. This trend is also interesting to look at given that Singapore is known as one of the top users of air conditioning units in the entire ASEAN. This behaviour during summer months most certainly contribute to the country’s contribution to the air con usage.

Related to this study, another innovation in Singapore was also recently revealed. It features an air conditioning unit that runs on water instead of the usual chemical refrigerant. This innovation is a bold step towards making air conditioning units more environment-friendly, while also helping users reduce their energy consumption from AC. The study also suggests that this type of aircon can produce potable water. Currently, the innovation is waiting for further support for possible mass production.

Saving tips for the hot months

To avoid energy spike during hot months in Singapore, it pays to be wise and more mindful of the resources that we use. Not only with this benefit the environment, but your personal expenses, as well. Here are some proven tips to stay cool during the summer from aircon servicing company:

  • Be strategic with your wardrobe – this does not mean buying new clothes, but simply being more aware of the type of textile that is more comfortable and breathable, especially for staying home. With this, you will less likely feel hot, thus reducing the need to use the aircon or shower longer and more frequent.
  • Ventilate – find the area in your house where the breeze is most likely to come in and take advantage of this natural ventilation. While you cannot expect this breeze to be really cool, but this will reduce the sticky and sweaty feeling of the summer season.
  • Set the Aircon stat at ‘comfortable’ setting – when it gets too hot, we tend to put the aircon on full blast. This will not only increase your electricity bills but can also wear out your air conditioner as it works way too hard to achieve the desired temperature. Setting it at 23-25 degrees Celsius will already be comfortable enough, and is considered to be the energy-efficient range for aircon usage.


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