Have you recently had your air conditioner serviced? Is it still having problems? Is your air conditioner not cooling even after servicing? There can be multiple reasons why your air conditioner is not working as it should even after being serviced. One thing is certain though. You must not have hired the services of a trained and knowledgeable technician with experience in servicing the brand of air conditioning system you have in your house.

You are not alone. Many people make the mistake of hiring anyone who advertises their services as AC technicians without checking their credentials if they can save some money. If you have made the same mistake, you must understand that hiring the services of a cheap technician who doesn’t know what he is doing is eventually going to cost you a lot more money in the long run. Therefore, never cheap out on hiring the right technician.

Pay attention to their credentials, their experience, the number of years in the business and their customer reviews. Don’t just hire a technician on the basis of price. As far as the modern air-conditioning systems are concerned, these are designed to last for at least 15 years when well maintained and there shouldn’t be any problem, especially after servicing. However, there are times when even the best efforts are unable to prevent problems. Here are a few reasons why your air conditioner might not be working as well as it should even after being serviced.

One of the most common reasons for this to happen is the problem with the condenser and compressor. If you know anything about air-conditioning systems, you will know that compressor is what is responsible for cooling the air. It sits right at the heart of the refrigeration cycle and if there is any problem with the condenser or compressor, it is going to affect the whole system and your AC won’t be able to cool as much as you expect it to. There can be a number of reasons why the condenser or compressor inside the air-conditioning system gets damaged. It could be due to an overall dirty system or it could be due to the fan responsible for cooling down the refrigerant breaking down or due to lack of regular maintenance or a variety of other reasons.

At times, problems happen due to issues with the compressor. If the compressor is faulty, it will not compress the refrigerant properly. While these are the main components of an air-conditioning system and if there is an issue with any of these components, the air conditioner won’t work as it is supposed to work but problems could occur due to issues with even the smallest of components. In case there is a problem with the compressor or condenser, it is necessary to call a professional to fix the issues. Keep in mind that you cannot do it on your own unless you are a trained professional and have the necessary tools to fix such issues. Therefore, do not try any DIY solution in case there is a problem with the compressor or condenser.

If your air-conditioning system is blowing hot air even though it has been serviced recently, it could be due to low level of refrigerant. Refrigerant is the chemical that is responsible for absorbing the heat from the indoor air and that is what cools down the air inside a room. Various kinds of refrigerants are used in different kinds of air-conditioning systems and the amount of refrigerant is also different in various models.

When an AC is serviced by a knowledgeable and trained technician, they always check the level of refrigerant to make sure no problems happen. However, when you use the services of an untrained technician who doesn’t have the specialized tools to check the level of refrigerant inside the air-conditioning unit, they won’t be able to tell you if there is a problem at the time of service.

If the refrigerant has been leaking and the amount isn’t up to the mark, it will usually lead to drainage issues and freezing of the indoor unit. The compressor will also get overheated. If you keep operating your air conditioning system with insufficient refrigerant, it will do irreversible harm to the whole air-conditioning unit and you might be forced to replace the whole unit. An important thing you need to keep in mind is that even though getting the refrigerant refilled is expensive but it is cheaper as compared to replacing the whole unit or replacing some of the other major components in the air-conditioning system.

One of the reasons the air-conditioning unit might not be working properly after servicing is due to incorrect re-installation of the system after servicing. Technicians without proper training and experience often fail to reinstall the unit properly and that leads to a number of problems including air-conditioning system not being able to work as required. While incorrect installation might cause minor problems at times, it could also lead to major issues. Incorrect installation might cause damage to the core systems. In fact, it can become a fire hazard and this is why, experts recommend always hiring a trained and certified technician for servicing the air conditioning unit.

An AC is made up of a number of components. During servicing, all these components are checked by a trained technician to find any faults or wear and tear. If a component is near the end of its service life, the technician should replace it with a similar or better quality component to make sure there are no problems with the air-conditioning unit. However, untrained technicians often make the mistake of using cheap replacement components in order to save some money but those cheap components fail frequently and that can cause problems for your AC unit.

To conclude, an air-conditioning system is made up of a number of components and all these components need to work in tandem in order to create the experience you desire. An AC will keep working properly without any issues if you get it serviced regularly and servicing is done by a trained and experienced technician. If your air-conditioning system isn’t cooling properly even after being serviced, it could be due to any of the reasons mentioned above. In such cases, you should call a reputed company specializing in the repair and servicing of your brand of the air-conditioning system to fix the problem.

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