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Our Toshiba Aircon Repair and Cleaning Services

Trust your Toshiba aircon system to our expert technicians. They have extensive experience working on the brand’s most popular models. Their skills are among the top in the area so when you hire them, you can believe you are getting the best service or repair for your aircon.

Every technician has a strong background in servicing and repairing Toshiba as well as other major brands. Cleaning and chemical washes are offered by our service. When you choose cleaning, your aircon coils will be cleaned, the filter changed and, if necessary, the gas recharged. A full-service chemical wash goes a step further and gets every component inside the machine cleaned with a special agent.

We can do any repair on a system and get it done fast at an affordable price. The key to lowering the risk of aircon breakdowns is through regular cleanings and maintenance. We offer all services so that you can be sure your aircon will run properly and efficiently for many years.

About Toshiba Air Conditioner

Toshiba has been around since 1875. It is one of the leading companies to manufacturer aircon systems, but it got its start as a telegraph equipment factory in Tokyo. Decades later, however, it made the first compressor for use in cooling.

In 1961, it produced its first residential air conditioner. A few years later, in 1968, it developed the first rotor compressor in Japan. By 1978, it introduced the first electronically controlled ac unit. Toshiba later introduced its first inverter air conditioner for residential use in 1981.

The first twin-rotary compressor was introduced in 1988 and was later upgraded to a digital version in 1993. The very first CFC free refrigerant air conditioner was introduced in 1998. This was the first one to use RF10A refrigerant, a green alternative.

The Most Commonly Used Toshiba Models

  • System 1 Inverter AC Unit
  • Wall Split Inverter AC
  • S2AX Multi-Split Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Console Air Conditioner
  • Window Aircon Unit

Why Choose Us As Your Toshiba Aircon Service Contractor?

No matter which Toshiba model AC you have, when it needs repair or servicing, we are the technicians for the job. With our extensive training, experience, and skills, we have what it takes to diagnose and repair any model quickly. You need your ac working in Singapore and cannot suffer delays when a unit breaks down.

We understand this and are always prompt with providing our customers with appointments. You will appreciate the friendly customer service we offer you. You also have the convenience of booking by phone or online. When you set your appointment, we arrive on time and get started on repairs or service straightaway as we have all the parts we need available on our trucks.

We recommend that you have us clean your aircon system using our professional techniques at least a few times per year. It will save your system wear and tear, and it will provide your home with cleaner air to breathe. We have an excellent reputation and great prices. We are the company to choose for your Toshiba system.

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