Trentios: A Proud Singaporean Brand Born Out of Strong R&D

Having been dubbed as an “Aircon Nation”, it is no longer surprising how so many air conditioning brands have managed to thrive in Singapore. From the famous international brand names to the new players in the market, it is never challenging to sell aircon units to Singaporeans.

However, just when we thought we have everything we needed from an air conditioner, trends and technological advances tended to create more demand and preferences for appliances. One of which is energy efficiency and environmental soundness according to our aircon service technicians.

This is the same demand that has driven the rise of Trentios Smart Air Conditioning, a proudly Singaporean homegrown brand that was born out of thorough research and development. Today, the brand is known for its commitment to making accessible comfort through its innovation.

Humble, Rough Beginnings

While the name Trentios is relatively new, its humble beginnings can actually be traced back as far as 1998, with founder Joel Ho ventured into selling general appliances. Unfortunately, this did not prosper primarily due to the prevailing poor economy at that time. But with sales as one of his strengths, Joel moved on to selling air conditioners in partnership with Carrefour Singapore.

It was during this sales stint that he gradually discovered the concepts behind Trentios now. He was nonetheless a prolific salesperson for Carrefour. Along the way, he was also able to talk to several clients and understood better their emerging needs in the aircon industry. One of which happened to be a portable air conditioner.

This easily appeals to the more modern lifestyle of Singaporeans, with the majority having to relocate from one resident to another. A portable aircon also allows owners to use it where and when necessary. This means not having to spend on separate air conditioners for the living room and bedroom. Originally Trentios was called Trend Homes, but after several rebranding efforts, it was locally and internationally known as “Trentios.”

Building the Brand

Joel was not just simply innovating; he was creating smart appliances that were never before made by any other aircon brand. He came up with digital heaters, which are more adaptive to the user’s preference and prevailing temperature. He also introduced the 4-in-1 air conditioner which can be a cooler, heater, fan, and humidifier. All these early innovations readily solidified the name of Trentios in the aircon market, as what Joel has always dreamed of. In an interview, he revealed that apart from meeting the needs of the consumers, he also wanted to create a proudly Singapore brand that the rest of the world will recognise.

Trentios started with its ASEAN neighbours including Malaysia and Thailand, by teaming up with other established commercial centres and brands in this country. The company also made sure that they comply with the specific product certifications of individual markets, such as Indonesia.

True enough, it did not take long for Trentios to become the renowned name that it is today. Even after establishing its place in the market, the brand continued to evolve and provide consumers with appliances designed for convenience, comfort, and wellness. For instance, their portable aircon is now equipped with GreenAir technology, which purifies the air while cooling the room. This filtration technology is revealed to remove almost 100% of airborne particles in the place, thus readily improving the indoor air quality. Needless to say, all Trentios models are designed to be environment-friendly and energy-efficient.

Trend Homes or Trentios has retained the same principle where it started – that the priority is always to come up with something that consumers can greatly benefit from, and profit will just follow.

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