Visiting National Gallery Singapore

If you will be in Singapore on a visit, or even if you live there, you need to visit the National Gallery Singapore at some point in time. This is a beautiful art gallery, one that is located in what is called the Downtown Core location. Although it is relatively new, having opened up in 2015, it is an astounding building. When you go inside, you will have access to Southeast Asian art, as well as art from Singapore, the largest collection in the world for this type of art. Here is a brief introduction to the National Gallery Singapore, located adjacent to the Singapore River.

Overview Of The National Gallery Singapore

If you travel into the civic district of Singapore, you will get to see this beautiful location. The gallery itself has 64,000 square metres of space, providing them with plenty of room to display all of the artwork. It is part of two national monuments that are very famous including City Hall and also what used to be the supreme court building. The total cost of creating this art building was over $500,000.

Why Was This Gallery Created?

There were several objectives behind the creation of this art gallery. First of all, it was designed to present some of the best Southeast Asian art that is available. It also provides a great location for both children and adults to learn more about artwork. This also allows people that may have exceptional skills to finally have their artwork displayed. It is a high-tech building, one that uses multi sensory media, creating the best possible experience.

What Is Inside Of This Art Gallery?

This art gallery is divided up into areas that will present exhibitions and artworks. There are also areas where families and children can learn about what is displayed. This is open to the public, and is also a location where local schools will take field trips. On their website, you can easily plan your visit, take tours, and there are also areas where you can eat and also shop for different items. You can take advantage of the audio guide that will explain a little bit about the art that is there. Some of the exhibitions that they have available would include artwork from Singapore from the 19th century, and artwork such as sculptures, paintings, and drawings that are exceptional.

By visiting the website, you can find out when you will be able to go. If you are bringing a class, you can speak with representatives about scheduling a time. Additionally, if you just want to bring your children with you, you can find out when it is open. This art gallery has received many awards for not only their artwork, but the way they are sharing this unique aspect of Singapore’s heritage. If you would like to learn more, you can visit the National Gallery Singapore website, or simply give them a call to find out more information about this beautiful facility.

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