What to Know About DIY Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Professional Servicing

When the cooler months are over and the summer rolls around, homes and offices with air conditioners will enjoy a cool atmosphere conducive to relaxation, peace of mind and even better health.

Naturally, this requires an air conditioner that is functioning in proper order. Only a properly functioning and well-maintained air conditioner will keep commercial and residential locations cool at a reasonable price. Professional air conditioning contractor will go a long way in providing this optimal function and preserving the service and longevity of your air conditioners

But, air conditioners are machines and as such are susceptible to the smallest problems that can leave your unit on the blink. This can be a serious setback to your home life or professional functions. But, it could be even worse if you call in the professionals to perform a task you could have handled yourself. A professional can charge you a small fortune to drive all the way to your locations and perform a task as simple as flipping a breaker.

To avoid all this, there are some very simple tasks you could handle yourself. In the following section, we will take a look at some of the most simplistic DIY tasks that anyone can apply before calling in the professionals. The smallest DIY AC cleaning work can save you a bundle on unnecessary professional attention.

Then further in the article, we will take a look at some of the advantages of professional AC services and what to expect when the professionals do show up at your door.

So, without further introduction, here are some of the things you can do if you see that your AC unit is not functioning optimally or malfunctioning altogether.

Simple DIY AC Repair, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

1. No Power

If you see there is no power to your AC unit, the first thing to check will be the source of power. If your unit is properly connected, the problem could be with the circuit breaker. These breakers are designed to shut off when the circuits are overloaded.

If your AC unit is connected to a power socket where multiple other appliances have been connected the power source could be overloaded. This is one of the most common problems that can be found in a malfunctioning AC unit and is also the easiest to resolve.

2. No Cool Air

If you notice the power to your air conditioner is on, but you can’t feel any difference in the temperature levels inside and outside, the problem could be with the thermostat. It could be out of battery power, for example. Thermostats run off battery power, so make sure the batteries are fully charged or replace them.

Another reason that your AC unit may not have cold air is that the settings are not right. Many of these modern units are especially complex and have a wide range of confusing symbols and buttons. The issue could be as simple as switching the AC unit from “FAN” to “COOL”. Sometimes this setting can switch back and forth all by itself.

3. Change your filter

One of the most important aspects of AC maintenance is changing or cleaning the air filter every so often. This is a fairly simple process but can often go overlooked and can seriously hamper the functionality of your AC. If this task has not been performed recently, the filters can fill with airborne dust particles and prevent the smooth and efficient flow of air through your machine. This could even lead to a buildup of ice, irregular condensation and leaking. Avoid all this by learning how to clean and address your AC’s air filters.

4. Melt any ice

Ice can be a serious problem when it builds up in your AC and can be caused by many different smaller problems, dirty air filters are one of the largest issues. This problem is most common in AC units that see extensive daily use and is also easily addressed. Just switch the function from “COOL” to “FAN”, the ice will melt quickly so be on the lookout for any water dripping from the unit.

5. Give it a good cleaning

Instead of calling in the professionals to do an overhaul on your AC unit, one of the most important aspects of AC maintenance is regular DIY cleaning. This is a very important thing for AC units operating in dirty areas of town as well as highly-populated or polluted environments. The first thing to do will be to disconnect your AC from the power source. Then begin to gently and carefully clean all the exterior components, remove the front grille and clean this as well. If you can reach the condenser fans easily, go ahead and clean those as well. Be extremely gentle and make sure these do not bend or break in the process.

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Professional AC Maintenance

By addressing what you can you will significantly postpone the need for a major operation from the professionals. But, never hesitate to call in the professionals when a small problem defies your best efforts to address the issue. Professional maintenance is essential to keeping your AC unit working its best in the future.

Here are some of the most important advantages of calling in the professionals to address the regular maintenance of your AC units.

An Optimally Functioning A/C Unit

If your AC unit has been properly tuned and maintained, you will find its operations are far more efficient and effective – even on the hottest summer nights. Don’t shrug off minor deterioration in performance. You may think that the AC is “OK for now” but the smallest imperfections can reduce the performance and functionality of your machine and lead to uncomfortable interior conditions.

An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

If your AC unit is not running optimally, it could be costing you more cash. Small problems with your AC will add to its workload and result in more energy being used to accomplish the same task. Of course, this will not be noticed immediately, but you will find that over the course of a lifetime your faulty AC will cost twice what you initially paid for the device.

Preserve the Lifespan and avoid costly repairs

The only way you can get the full value from your AC unit will be to catch the smaller problems before they result in bigger problems. If your AC unit breaks, you will eventually have to pay for costly repairs or maybe even purchase an entirely new unit. But, before that happens you will find your AC’s life span is short and full of unpleasant surprises.

What to expect from Professional Air Conditioner Tuning and Maintenance

If it has been a while since your AC unit has been fully inspected and maintained by a professional service, you may think everything is fine and dandy. You may be enjoying the cool air and a comfortable environment but that does not mean your AC unit is in good working order. The only way to know for sure will be to have your device inspected by a knowledgeable professional.

Here are some of the important services a professional Air Conditioner service will provide:

1. Checking refrigerant levels

The more use your AC provides, the faster the refrigerant levels will be used up. This can be hard to notice as the thermostat levels are simply adjusted to provide optimal temperature, but the energy applied can vary greatly. Hence, checking refrigerant gas level should be done regulary.

Top up Aircon Gas

2. Inspect Ducts for Blockage and Leaks

It takes skill and experience to examine the air conditioner unit and detect the smallest faults and leaks that can be affecting the performance of an AC. Keeping the flow of air clear and efficient is an important part of professional service. A professional will have the experience in mini splits, HVAC and window installed devices and will keep all of them perfectly safe from the conditions of their working environment.

3. Power Check

A professional AC repair technician will be able to check the power consumption of your air conditioner and ensure that it is right on par with the manufacturer’s descriptions. If there are some discrepancies in the power consumption, they will also have the skills needed to put your machine back on track.

4. Investigate strange noises and odors

A properly functioning AC unit will run clean, smooth and quiet. As time passes, you may think it is only normal that your AC begins to murmur, complain, screech and squeal. Funny smells are another sign that your air conditioner is not running smoothly. Professional repair techs will take the time to ferret out the causes of strange smells and sounds and put everything in proper working order.

5. Catch small problems before they become BIG problems

Naturally, these are only some of the services that a professional AC service will apply. In addition to keeping things running properly, your repair tech will have the experience to detect small malfunctions before they evolve into something very large and costly.

In conclusion, an AC conditioning system is designed to keep you cool and comfortable, but not to last forever. If you have been tentatively eyeballing your AC unit and wondering if it is still in excellent conditions, don’t ignore the notion. Call in the professionals with the skills and tools to restore your AC to optimum functionality.

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