When Does Aircon Need A Chemical Wash

An air conditioner is such a necessity these days, especially on hot and humid places. It is almost unbearable when your aircon malfunctions, so it is very important to keep a clean and functioning air conditioner always. One way to do this is through chemical cleaning. But how often should you chemical wash your aircon? More importantly, how would you know that your aircon needs the cleaning?

Bad Odor from the Aircon

When molds and water would gather on the air conditioner the air it releases may smell bad and will be dangerous for the household as the molds and water that was accumulated contain bacteria that goes with the air blown. This happens when the unit is not cleaned regularly. With chemical cleaning, you can prevent this issue as the chemical substance can remove the molds and bacteria it carries around easily.

Accumulating of Ice in the Unit

As the air conditioner’s main purpose is to cool the air around, there will always be an accumulation of ice on the coils of the unit due to the debris. Even though this is not as dangerous as the accumulation of molds and bacteria, it can easily damage the unit. Aircon chemical cleaning uses chemicals that melt the ice easily and in a short period of time. This special chemical can help in restoring the aircon back to its normal function.

Allergens Build Up

Dust, mites, and dirt can also build upon your aircon unit that may cause allergic reactions to the household. Although this can be removed by regular cleaning, the chemical wash can do the job effortlessly using the chemicals necessary to remove the said allergens easily.

Here is a short video showing the differences between normal servicing VS chemical wash. You can see the big differences.

Increasing Electricity Bill

Although it is not certain that an aircon that doesn’t function properly is the culprit for the rise of the electric bill, it can be a factor. If a unit is not in good working condition, it will consume more electricity than it normally does when it’s well maintained. Dirt on the vents would cause the air conditioner to exert more effort into cooling the room. Using the chemical wash would remove these dirt and dust, making the unit work normally with less power consumption.

Aircon Power Issue

Some air conditioners cannot be turned on or it turns itself off automatically when there is a dirty air filter. The unit does it as a preventive measure to avoid bigger problems. These issues would call for a chemical wash to eliminate the issues that burden the unit.

Key Takeaways

The frequency of having your air conditioner serviced with the chemical wash is not a fixed time matter, as it will depend on the use of the unit and the geographical location and air quality. It is just advised that the chemical cleaning should be left to the professionals as they know what type of chemical is needed for the certain issue. They can also finish the work more effectively as they are licensed experts. Chemical cleaning improves the performance of the unit and increases its lifespan. Remember, it is much cheaper and easier to maintain your air conditioner than to repair it.

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